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companies Foursquare Rewards: The Best Check-In Deals in America  

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Checking in on Foursquare can reap you big rewards -- from check-in deals to mayor specials, more and more businesses are offering discounts, coupons and free stuff to folks who check in when they walk in. Because I'm a shameless social media junkie, I've put together this comprehensive list of companies that offer Foursquare rewards, which I plan to keep updating as new Foursquare rewards programs are announced.

To get it started, I've focused on some of the bigger hubs for social media, ranking Foursquare rewards in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as throwing in as many nationwide Foursquare deals as I could find. But, if there are specific rewards programs in your city, or if I forgot any, please feel free to throw them in the comments!




Receive free small milkshake on every third check-in. Plus, Mayors receive free small milkshake every time they visit.

Tasti D-Lite

Tasti D-Lite has announced a new rewards program called TastiRewards, which encourages customers to connect their Twitter and Foursquare accounts to their Tasti D-Lite membership cards. Customers can earn extra points on their TreatCards by using social media.

How it works:
1. Register your TreatCard on the MyTasti website.
2. Enable your Twitter and Foursquare accounts to send tweets or automatically check-in on Foursquare.
3. Receive an additional point to your purchase for each social network connection. Also, you'll receive one point for each dollar spent, before taxes, on Tasti D-Lite goods.
4. Every 50 points you build up, is redeemable for a free medium cone or cup.

Hess Station

Receive a Brisk Iced Tea and Frito Lay Combo for $1.99 by visiting any Hess station and checking in on foursquare. Also, you will be entered into a sweepstakes, with a chance to win free gas and Brisk for a year.


Link your Vons Club card to your Foursquare account and a coupon for a surprise reward will be printed and given to you whenever you check out at Vons. You can link the accounts by going to The first purchase after you link your accounts will earn you a free 4-pack of Izze drinks. In addition, linking the accounts could unlock some other swag from PepsiCo, including free Pepsi, SoBe, Izze and Tropicana products. Also, see more on Vons

Receive free chips and salsa with any foursquare check-in at Chili's. see more on Chili's

Receive $3 off any Scosche product at 24 Hour Fitness, with just a single check-in. see more on 24 Hour Fitness

Site for Sore Eyes

Receive a one-year supply (8 boxes) of contact lenses for only $99, by checking into Site for Sore Eyes.