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Friends With Benefits Movie Quotes

'Friends With Benefits' movie quotes, with video clips, are plentiful, not surprisingly. This 2011 raunchy comedy, starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, is filled with memorable quips! J.T. and Mila play buddies Dylan and Jamie. When both of their respective relationships go bad, these two decide that they need sex. They don't want to get involved, and risk screwing up their friendship - so they set out to have JUST casual sex - with absolutely zero strings attached. Over time, they find that this whole 'friends with benefits' deal can get really complicated, really fast. Read on for some of the best 'Friends With Benefits' quotes around. If you see a quote that isn't listed, add it!

'Friends With Benefits' received pretty good reviews from movie critics. Combine that with the movie's star power and you have a winner: 'Friends' took in more than $18 million in the first weekend of release. By September of 2011, the movie had raked in more than $55.5 million.

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    Who You Spend Saturday With

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    Tommy: "You know what I discovered - it's not who you want to spend Friday night with, it's who you want to spend all day Saturday with...feel me Felix?"
    Dylan: "Yeah, I get it Tommy."
    Tommy: "Yeah, you don't. I'm out." (jumps in his boat)
    Dylan: "You have a boat?!'
    Tommy: "I live in Jersey, and I ain't taking no ferry - unless it's out to dinner and a show!"

    Words of wisdom from Tommy, without question. Friday night: Slam Piece. Saturday All Day: Relationship.

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