Best Fuel Efficient SUVs: Large And Mid Size SUVs Car Models
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Best Fuel Efficient SUVs: Large And Mid Size SUVs

List Criteria: SUVs with the best gas mileage only.

List of the most fuel efficient SUV's based on results provided by Consumer Reports. Both Large and mid-sized SUV's have been included. Each SUV on this list has an overall mpg of at least 18mpg. These SUVs have good gas mileage compared to their counterparts. Sport utility vehicles were a staple of the 90's, but with fuel costs reaching all time highs, even the largest cars on the road have needed to go green. Fortunately, with the latest technology the automotive industry has to offer, these mid-sized and large SUVs come with the acceleration of a powerful engine, the utility of a normal SUV and the fuel economy of a small car.

What is the best fuel efficient SUV? Which SUV has the best gas mileage? Low fuel consumption means money in the bank, but if you're an SUV kind of person, nothing else will do. Fortunately, these fuel efficient SUVs offer an acceptable compromise.

Source: Consumer Reports
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