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film actors Full Cast of Fuchsia, The Mini-witch Actors/Actresses

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Fuchsia, The Mini-witch cast list, listed alphabetically with photos when available. This list of Fuchsia, The Mini-witch actors includes any Fuchsia, The Mini-witch actresses and all other actors from the film. You can view additional information about each Fuchsia, The Mini-witch actor on this list, such as when and where they were born. To find out more about a particular actor or actress, click on their name and you'll be taken to page with even more details about their acting career. The cast members of Fuchsia, The Mini-witch have been in many other movies, so use this list as a starting point to find actors or actresses that you may not be familiar with.

List actors range from Marcel Hensema to Porgy Franssen.

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This cast list of who was in Fuchsia, The Mini-witch includes both lead and minor roles. (15 items)

Porgy Franssen De Heineken ontvoering, The Moving True Story of a Woman Ahead of Her Time Han de Wit

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Marcel Hensema The Happy Housewife, De Heineken ontvoering May 6th

Leny Breederveld A Perfect Match, FL 19^!99 Taking Chances

Annet Malherbe Grimm, Little Tony The Northerners

Elvira Out Fuchsia^! The Mini-witch

Valerie Pos 170 Hz, Fuchsia^! The Mini-witch 20 Lies^! 4 Parents and a Little Egg

Chantal Wildering Fuchsia^! The Mini-witch

Eefje Paddenberg Fuchsia^! The Mini-witch

Kara Borus Fuchsia^! The Mini-witch

Melanie Reindertaen Fuchsia^! The Mini-witch

Lorenso van Sligtenhorst Fuchsia^! The Mini-witch

Lauren Schuitemaker Fuchsia^! The Mini-witch

Marianca Boelen Fuchsia^! The Mini-witch

Corine van Opstal Fuchsia^! The Mini-witch