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Ghost Whisperer Cast List

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Ghost Whisperer cast list, including photos of the actors when available. This list includes all of the Ghost Whisperer main actors and actresses, so if they are an integral part of the show you'll find them below. You can various bits of trivia about these Ghost Whisperer stars, such as where the actor was born and what their year of birth is. This cast list of actors from Ghost Whisperer focuses primarily on the main characters, but there may be a few actors who played smaller roles on Ghost Whisperer that are on here as well.

Items on this poll include Markie Post and Autumn Reeser

If you are wondering, "Who are the actors from Ghost Whisperer?" or "Who starred on Ghost Whisperer?" then this list will help you answer those questions.

In most cases you can click on the names of these popular Ghost Whisperer actors and actresses to find out more information about them. If you're looking for a particular Ghost Whisperer actor or actress, then type their name into the "search" bar to find them directly.
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  1. 1

    Archer, Ghost Whisperer, XIII: The Series

  2. 2
    Aaron Paul is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Ghost Whisperer Cast List

    Aaron Paul Breaking Bad, Sleeper Cell

  3. 3

    Criminal Minds, Ghost Whisperer, The Practice

  4. 4
  5. 5

    Ghost Whisperer, Relativity, Miss Match

  6. 6
    Jamie Kennedy is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list Ghost Whisperer Cast List

    Jamie Kennedy The Cleveland Show, Ghost Whisperer, Fanboy & Chum Chum

  7. 7

    Ghost Whisperer, Action, Last Comic Standing

  8. 8
    Jennifer Love Hewitt is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list Ghost Whisperer Cast List

    Jennifer Love Hewitt Criminal Minds, Ghost Whisperer, Party of Five

  9. 9
    Alexa Vega is listed (or ranked) 9 on the list Ghost Whisperer Cast List

    Alexa Vega Unsupervised, Ladies Man, Life's Work

  10. 10

    Ghost Whisperer, Project Greenlight

  11. 11

    Last Man Standing, Ghost Whisperer

  12. 12
    Alona Tal is listed (or ranked) 12 on the list Ghost Whisperer Cast List

    Alona Tal Supernatural, Veronica Mars, Cult

  13. 13
    No image

    Ghost Whisperer

  14. 14
    Amy Acker is listed (or ranked) 14 on the list Ghost Whisperer Cast List

    Amy Acker Angel, Dollhouse, Person of Interest

  15. 15

    Privileged, The Family Tree, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

  16. 16

    The O.C., No Ordinary Family, Last Resort

  17. 17
    Brie Larson is listed (or ranked) 17 on the list Ghost Whisperer Cast List

    Brie Larson United States of Tara, Raising Dad

  18. 18
    Christine Baranski is listed (or ranked) 18 on the list Ghost Whisperer Cast List

    Christine Baranski The Good Wife, Scooby-Doo! in Where's My Mummy?, Another World

  19. 19

    Stargate SG-1, The Stand, Webster

  20. 20

    Lizzie McGuire, Younger, Girlfriend in a Coma

  21. 21

    The Whole Truth, Pleading Guilty

  22. 22

    Glee, The Millers

  23. 23

    MMC, Greetings from Tucson, Emerald Cove

  24. 24

    The Glades, Yes, Dear

  25. 25
    Jessy Schram is listed (or ranked) 25 on the list Ghost Whisperer Cast List

    Jessy Schram Falling Skies, Last Resort, Traffic Light

  26. 26
  27. 27
    Kay Panabaker is listed (or ranked) 27 on the list Ghost Whisperer Cast List

    Kay Panabaker No Ordinary Family, Summerland, The Brothers García

  28. 28

    ER, The Tracey Ullman Show, Mr. Belvedere

  29. 29

    Jericho, Ghost Whisperer, The Astronaut Wives Club

  30. 30

    Royal Pains, My Boys, Grosse Pointe

  31. 31
    Marguerite Moreau is listed (or ranked) 31 on the list Ghost Whisperer Cast List

    Marguerite Moreau Shameless, Life as We Know It, Firestarter: Rekindled

  32. 32

    Night Court, Fantasy Island, The Fall Guy

  33. 33
    No image

    Martin Donovan Boss, Wonderland, Pasadena

  34. 34

    Glee, The Oaks

  35. 35

    True Blood, Desperate Housewives, Necessary Roughness

  36. 36
    Nikki Cox is listed (or ranked) 36 on the list Ghost Whisperer Cast List

    Nikki Cox Las Vegas, The Norm Show, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

  37. 37

    American Family, As Cariocas, Dancin' Days

  38. 38
    Tamara Braun is listed (or ranked) 38 on the list Ghost Whisperer Cast List

    Tamara Braun The Magnificent Seven, Zoe, Duncan

  39. 39

    Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Caillou, Mixology

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