Full Cast of Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior Actors/Actresses Film Actors
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Full Cast of Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior Actors/Actresses

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior cast list. This list of the Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior actors’ names (actors in the movie Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior) contains photos of the cast members when available. This fact-based cast roster includes any Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior actresses and all other actors from the film. Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior cast members have done many other films so be sure to check out the filmographies and individual pages of the stars of Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. This list of who was in Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior can be sorted by any column, but is currently alphabetical and includes photos of who starred in Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior when available. This castmember list includes all major roles and many bit parts for actors in this movie. You can use this fact-based list to create a new list, re-rank it to fit your views, then share it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social sites you frequent. (10 items)
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    about... Born: 1964
    Date Born: 1964
    Birthplace: Europe, Eurasia, United Kingdom, London, England + 1 more
    Nationality: Australia
    Films: The Last Musketeer, Princess Caraboo, Mad Max 2, Razorback
    Arkie Whiteley : see more
  2. 2
    about... Born: 1945
    Date Born: 1945
    Birthplace: DVD Region 4, Auckland Region, Auckland, Oceania, Realm of New Zealand + 1 more
    Nationality: Australia, New Zealand
    Height: 2.01
    Films: The Matrix Revolutions, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, The Year My Voice Broke, The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas, Dark City + 27 more
    Bruce Spence : see more
  3. 3
    about... Born: 1972
    Date Born: 1972
    Birthplace: DVD Region 4, New South Wales, Oceania, Australasia, Sydney + 1 more
    Films: Mad Max 2
    Emil Minty : see more
  4. 4
    about... Born: 1949
    Date Born: 1949
    Birthplace: Gothenburg, Sweden, Eurasia, Västra Götaland County
    Nationality: Sweden
    Films: Mad Max 2
    Kjell Nilsson : see more
  5. 5
    about... Born: 1939
    Date Born: 1939
    Birthplace: New South Wales, Australasia, Australia, Parkes
    Nationality: Australia
    Films: Nightmares, Stir, The Return of Captain Invincible, Nate and Hayes, Thirst + 2 more
    Max Phipps : see more
  6. 6
    about... Born: 1956
    Date Born: 1956
    Birthplace: Peekskill, Contiguous United States, New York, Westchester County, United States of America + 2 more
    Nationality: Ireland, United States of America
    Height: 1.77
    Films: The Beaver, Forever Young, Lethal Weapon, The Million Dollar Hotel, FairyTale: A True Story + 42 more
    Mel Gibson : see more

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