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Full Cast of Zapped! Actors/Actresses Film Actors
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Full Cast of Zapped! Actors/Actresses

Zapped! cast list, listed alphabetically with photos when available. This list of Zapped! actors includes any Zapped! actresses and all other actors from the film. You can view additional information about each Zapped! actor on this list, such as when and where they were born. To find out more about a particular actor or actress click on their name and you'll be taken to page with even more details about their acting career. The cast members of Zapped! have been in many other movies, so use this list as a starting point to find actors or actresses that you may not be familiar with.

Items include everything from Scott Baio to Scatman Crothers.

If you want to answer the questions, "Who starred in the movie Zapped!?" and "What is the full cast list of Zapped!?" then this page has got you covered.

This cast list of who was in Zapped! includes both lead and minor roles. (16 items)
The List
  1. 1

    Curt Ayers

    Films: Midnight Madness, Zapped!
    Curt Ayers : see more

  2. 2

    Born: 1957
    Date Born: 1957
    Birthplace: Cumberland, United States of America, United States, with Territories, Allegany County, Maryland
    Nationality: United States of America
    Height: 1.8
    Films: The Whoopee Boys, Surf II, Dorf Goes Auto Racing, Rock-a-Doodle, The Polar Express + 17 more
    Eddie Deezen : see more

  3. 3

    Born: 1963
    Date Born: 1963
    Birthplace: New York City, Area code 917, Contiguous United States, New York, United States of America + 3 more
    Nationality: United States of America
    Height: 1.67
    Films: Zapped!
    Felice Schachter : see more

  4. 4

    Born: 1955
    Date Born: 1955
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, Southern California, Contiguous United States, 90731 + 4 more
    Nationality: United States of America
    Films: Zapped!, Vendetta
    Greg Bradford : see more

  5. 5

    Hardy Keith

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