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Below is a complete American Loggers episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual American Loggers episodes are listed along with the American Loggers episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. American Loggers episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Rookies vs The Road” to “Breakdowns and Headaches” is included on this list. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the American Loggers episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Timber In Their Blood Feb 27 2009 - Rudy Pelletier and his crews race to make up for lost time but just wind up falling further behind. Rudy assigns his son Jason the dangerous, critical job of replacing a crippled bridge that was ...more

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A Week From Hell Mar 06 2009 - The rain has finally stopped so it's time to get the wood to the mill. Pelletier Inc. is falling behind on its weekly quota so Eldon takes a big risk. Doubling the danger, Eldon hitches a second ...more

Hurricane on the Horizon Mar 13 2009 - A hurricane hits, creating near impossible logging conditions all week. First, the Pelletiers have to deal with an overloaded trailer spilling its contents and cutting off logging traffic from ...more

Stuck in the Muck Mar 20 2009 - It's late fall up in Maine and the land is supposed to be frozen and workable by now. But unceasing rain has left the forest spongy and off limits. Eventually a freeze let's them get back to ...more

White Gold Mar 27 2009 - A long awaited snow storm brings what is deemed "white gold" as the ground is frozen and more timber can be harvested. But icy roads cause skidding trucks and a near head-on collision ...more

Big Breeze... Big Trouble Apr 03 2009 - A Nor'easter drops a foot of snow and subzero temperatures lead to frozen machines, frayed tempers and unmet quotas. Meanwhile, a driver looses control of his rig on a snowy hair pin turn and ...more

The Big Push Aug 13 2009 - Rudy and Eldon come up short on a major contract, and Jeff loses patience as breakdowns continue to cost precious time and money. Then veteran driver Steve Gillman relives the worst day of his ...more

Graveyard Shift Aug 27 2009 - As winter ends and temperatures rise, exhausted drivers struggle to stay awake on the graveyard shift. Eldon has an accident, and the forest turns into a nightmare when the soft ground and ...more

Closing the Golden Road Sep 03 2009 - As spring arrives, the most dangerous part of logging season is under way. An accident occurs as sleep-deprived drivers battle exhaustion and confront countless hazards.

Hammer Down Aug 20 2009 - Lumber markets are collapsing, forcing Rudy and Eldon to downsize earlier than expected. A blizzard keeps log haulers parked in the yard, while Eldon gets stuck in a dangerous corner and ...more

The Big Push Aug 13 2009 - A wet start to a new logging season has the Pelletiers up against the ropes. Lester and Wayne take on the steepest hill on the golden road while Eldon's plan to haul double loads of wood to the ...more

Hammer Down Aug 20 2009 - Torrential rain continues to hammer Pelletier Inc. as the crew fights to harvest and haul wood to the mills. And just when the weather breaks, tragedy strikes as a logger is struck by a falling ...more

Graveyard Shift Aug 27 2009 - A heat wave hits Millinocket sparking production in the woods. Meanwhile, Rudy's crew walks on water as they strip an old bridge from a protected stream, Randy continues his road to recovery and ...more

Closing the Golden Road Sep 03 2009 - The loggers make up for lost time as they try to cut 3000 trees in a week but then a damaged bridge shuts down trucking. Also, the Pelletiers drop half a million dollars on a new crane and ...more

The Tough Get Going Feb 19 2010 - The Golden Road dishes out serious punches and sends truck after truck into the shop. Lester and Bone Crusher get trapped when an angry land owner decides to shut down the road. And Randy wants ...more

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Making Ends Meet Mar 12 2010 - Rainy weather and mud plague business for Pelletier, Inc. Jeff struggles to keep his cool as he oversees a hectic shop. Lester barely escapes death in a head-on collision with a pick up truck. ...more

Hell on the Road Mar 19 2010 - A wicked snowstorm hits Millinocket and catches the Pelletiers off guard. Massive equipment breakdowns cause tempers to flare and Eldon lashes out at Jeff for his lack of preparation. Then, ...more

Blood and Greenhorns Mar 26 2010 - It's the big winter push and the Pelletiers have to double production to stay afloat. Tensions run high as Eldon threatens to fire Bonecrusher. Then, the family pulls together as their ...more

Operation Winter Cut Apr 02 2010

Man vs. Mud Apr 09 2010

Winter Strikes Back Apr 16 2010

The Last Stand Apr 23 2010

The Heat Is On Mar 05 2010 - The Pelletiers move an army of men and machines to their winter harvesting site. Rookie Aaron transports half million dollar machines across rough terrain, two heavy duty off road rigs are added ...more

Trauma on the Golden Road Feb 26 2010 - The next generation of Pelletiers step up to the plate as the future of the business lies in their hands. The mills demand more wood and everyone hustles to deliver while Jeff and Rudy are ...more

The Miracle of Millinocket Apr 01 2011 - The wet fall season has crippled production at Pelletier Inc. Just when things can't seem to get worse, a crane operator's rig falls through a dilapidated bridge. Back to back mistakes threaten ...more

Uphill Battle Mar 04 2011 - A good summer of hauling wood has left the harvesters struggling to keep up with demand. The Pelletiers take on a new business venture, building their own logging trailers. It's a huge ...more

Breakdowns and Headaches Mar 11 2011 - The Pelletiers are striving to double production, but when several machines break down, it's a huge step in the wrong direction. Two crew members threaten to quit, and an emergency repair job ...more

Washed Out Mar 25 2011 - Torrential rain threatens production and rookie drivers aren't pulling their weight. Then disaster strikes in the woods when harvester Kevin Cummings flips his machine. It'll take everything in ...more

The Big Push Apr 22 2011 - Winter is go time for the Pelletiers. Crews are pushing hard but three drivers suffer accidents and a busted pipe stinks up Telos camp. Business in the trailer shop is picking up so Allen thinks ...more

Rain Delay Apr 08 2011 - A veteran driver is in grave danger when his truck flips, Eldon takes a chance on a new logging camp, and flooding in the forest threatens to shut down operations completely and brings employee ...more

New Business, New Problems Mar 18 2011 - The mills turn back timber and the Pelletiers struggle to make a profit. A stand of massive pine trees forces the company to harvest the old fashioned way, and the pressure of running both shops ...more

Rookies vs The Road Apr 15 2011 - The winter freeze hits Millinocket and it's finally time to hammer down. But a rookie driver can't handle the roads, rolls his rig twice and costs the Pelletiers. Then it's all hands on deck to ...more

Collision Course May 06 2011 - Winter is ending and it's all hands on deck. Rudy goes on a business venture, leaving Wayne in charge of operations. Larry makes a mess with a loading crane, Danny nearly destroys a bridge, and ...more

Deep Freeze Apr 29 2011 - Peak logging season brings anticipation of the deep freeze. They get their wish and then some, as brutal cold causes both equipment and emotional breakdowns. Nonstop hauling and disgruntled ...more