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Below is a complete Arc the Lad episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Arc the Lad episodes are listed along with the Arc the Lad episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Arc the Lad episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “Shrine Maiden of the Spirit” and “Holy Ark.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Arc the Lad episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Boy with Flame Apr 05 1999 - A mysterious air ship hijacking triggers a distress call to which bounty hunters Elk and Cougar respond with explicit instructions to rescue the passengers and capture all hijackers. Aboard, ...more

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Beginning of the Destiny Apr 12 1999 - Following a narrated musing on destiny, episode 2 opens with Elk listening to a doctored radio report of the air ship catastrophe, just before receiving a bonus reward from the Mayor for ...more

Feeling in the Rain Apr 19 1999 - Another narrated monologue, this time on the duality mankind's brutality and altruism, yields to Shu leading the quartet into the safety of this hometown, a place where Elk feels comfortable ...more

Pale Goddess Apr 26 1999 - When the bounty on Pandit is suddenly withdrawn, Elk and Shu redouble their efforts to discover who is chasing Lieza and the monster, and for what reason. Meanwhile, Mayor Galuana of Prodias ...more

The Criminals May 03 1999 - When Elk realizes that Arc is responsible for the attack, he springs into action immediately, pursuing the villain he believes killed his family. A chase ensues in which Elk tries to reach Arc, ...more

Beyond the Sound of Waves May 10 1999 - Elk pursues the Silver Noah in his airship Hien in a desperate attempt to catch up with his nemesis, destroying its engine and crashing the ship on a remote island. Elk, Lieza and Pandit awaken ...more

Ancient Guardian May 17 1999 - Seeing Elk's frustration in repairing the Airship Hien, Lia allows her puppy love to get the best of her and tells the young Hunter about a forbidden cave allegedly inhabited by an ancient ...more

Runaway May 24 1999 - Elk learns of the bounty on his head as soon as he returns to Prodias. Before long, Elk is able to track down Shu, who conceals the full extent of his injuries. Deducing the involvement of Mayor ...more

Friend Who was Left Behind May 31 1999 - Lieza and Elk arrive in horn to find the village decimated and empty. While Lieza mourns, Elk encounters Gene, another child from White House who had been tortured and blames Elk's for ...more

The Crusade with No Name Jun 07 1999 - Unprepared for the trek across the desert, Elk, Lieza and Pundit succumb to the elements only to be rescued by Celendia, part of a camp serving the wounded in the struggle over the disputed ...more

Lonely Brave Man Jun 14 1999 - Descending upon the camp in the Silver Noah, Arc easily deflects Elk's attack to tend to the wounded, using healing powers similar to Lieza's. Poco, the harp-playing boy in Arc's band, reveals ...more

White House Jun 21 1999 - In the midst of the Silver Noah crew's emancipation of the White House youths, Elk makes an impulsive attempt to rescue Meril and learns the horrible secret of White House. Meril has been ...more

Smiling Holy Mother Jun 28 1999 - The battle of White House finds Elk coming to terms with Meril's transformation (which he decides to ameliorate by performing euthanasia), Arc battling Mayor Galuana (who has completely ...more

Shrine Maiden of the Spirit Jul 05 1999 - Arc and the Silver Noah head for the Shrine of the Spirits in the Kingdom of Smeria to drop off the rescued children and consult with Kukuru, the maiden of the Shrine. Elk continues to feel ...more

Blaze has Stood Jul 12 1999 - Andel's agents tries to draw Arc into a trap by unleashing especially violent Chimeras on innocent villagers. After the resuce, the Silver Noah returns to the sanctuary followed unsuspectingly ...more

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Reconquer Jul 19 1999 - In a further attempt to draw Arc into the open, Andel orders the crucifixion of dozens of political prisoners. Seeing the suffering of his people, Arc cannot help but send his people into an ...more

Scarlet Castle Jul 26 1999 - Elk & Arc attack Andel but they have trouble penetrating his shield. Andel successfully destroys the Seal of the Sprits. Clive attempts to kidnap Kukuru, but leaves after Arc shows up with ...more

Chimera Tower Aug 02 1999 - Elk lost his powers and sees the suffering of those who became chimeras. It's the story of a blind little girl called Iris.

Confrontation of Two Great Men Aug 23 1999 - Toshu and Shu search for Elk. Due to a misunderstanding, they end up fighting each other.

Meet Again Aug 30 1999 - Elk returns to the Silver Noah and joins up with Arc. He has trouble patching things up with Lieza. He almost has things going well when Clive pops up and kidnaps her.

The Place Where the Truth Is Sep 06 1999 - Elk has a hard time with Lieza gone. Kukuru tries her best to locate her. Meanwhile, everyone else prepares for the upcoming battle.

Hiding in the Shadows Sep 13 1999 - Arc, Elk and the others begin gathering information that will enable them to launch an offensive on Yagun's forces. Meanwhile, Clive's subordinates begin the procedure to turn the captured Lieza ...more

Frozen Eyes Sep 20 1999 - The battle against Yagun's forces is almost over, but one thing still remains unknown- the whereabouts of Lieza. Elk and the others pool their resources in the hopes of locating and rescuing ...more

Quickening of the Darkness Sep 27 1999 - Using their insidious mind control devices, the remaining generals of Darkness accelerate the transformation of innocent people into Chimeras, hoping to usher in a new age of chaos. All that ...more

Holy Ark Oct 04 1999 - Elk, Arc and the others begin a dangerous journey into the heart of Romalia, the country where Darkness now resides. Numerous traps and enemies are arrayed against, but with Clive having already ...more

Shining Boy Oct 11 1999 - Elk, Arc and Kukulu have made it to a final confrontation with Clive, but with the Holy Ark now open, he already commands fearsome powers of Darkness. As Elk tries to help Lieza break free of ...more