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Full List of Marmalade Boy Episodes

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Below is a complete Marmalade Boy episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Marmalade Boy episodes are listed along with the Marmalade Boy episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Marmalade Boy episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Vote for your favorite items on this poll, including “The flavour of chocolate. Sweet and bitter Valentine,” “Our future. Yuu's dream, my dream” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Marmalade Boy episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    Making a decision under the moonlight. Yuu don't leave me alone! Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  2. 2

    Love triangle. Someone's messing things up... Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  3. 3

    Real kiss. I love you, Yuu Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  4. 4

    New anxiety. I'm too afraid to be happy Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  5. 5

    Making a memory. I won't regret it if anything happens Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  6. 6

    Breakup premonition. The Halloween conspiracy Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  7. 7

    What's Going on?: "That couple!" Marmalade Boy - Season 1 Miki's class is going on their trip to Hokkaido. Miki and Meiko are in the same group and Yuu and Ginta are in the same group. Miki's group goes on their tour; they star with the tower in Hokkaido.

  8. 8

    To Hiroshima. Let me be by your side again Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  9. 9

    The foreign exchange student appears. Michael is...strange Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  10. 10

    Lost pathway to love. My boyfriend is Yuu but... Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  11. 11

    Rival. I love you, Yuu Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  12. 12

    Goodbye. I can't be your girlfriend anymore Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  13. 13

    Fragrance of an Adult: "I'm not jealous" Marmalade Boy - Season 1 It's a new day and Miki's looking at the pictures that she went to hokkaido. She keeps thinking of weather she's jealous or not. She wants to stay in bed and avoid seeing Yuu, Though he won't stop

  14. 14

    Anju's feelings. I want to be next in line to Miki Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  15. 15

    The morning of lovers. Merry Christmas Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  16. 16

    Qualification of Love: "You don't deserve Yuu" Marmalade Boy - Season 1 It starts with Meiko writing in the diary. Thinking what she said that day and telling Miki that she thinks it's courageous of her to think of him instead of herself. The next morning Miki's in bed

  17. 17

    The direction of Yuu's love. Things aren't going as planned Marmalade Boy - Season 1 Miki's sitting in her room trying to write something in the diary to make Meiko feel better. Meiko's at school the next day, and she's acting the way she usually does. In class all her friends are

  18. 18

    Passing each other. I can't bear it! I'm so lonely... Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  19. 19

    Unstable feelings. I'm going to get a part time job Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  20. 20

    An uneasy weekend. I want to hear Yuu's voice Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  21. 21

    New York trap. Yuu, was I stupid? Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  22. 22

    Crossing each other's path. You mean we are going to break up Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  23. 23

    Friends. I need Kei! Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  24. 24

    Departure. Our love progresses Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  25. 25

    Lost love. I love you Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  26. 26

    A pair's problems. I want to hear you voice Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  27. 27

    Ski trip. I won't let you two be alone Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  28. 28

    Our future. Yuu's dream, my dream Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  29. 29

    Farewell. I had to do it... Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  30. 30

    Half brother and sister. Our happiness is breaking down Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  31. 31

    Doubtful twosome. Yuu and Miwa are a couple Marmalade Boy - Season 1 Miki and her friends are grieving over the fact the the marathon tournament is coming up. Then they heard a rumor that Yuu and Satoshi are a couple at school. So Miki and Meiko go to spy on them. They

  32. 32

    Disturbed by the family register. Don't say it's ridiculous Marmalade Boy - Season 1 Miki's in her room studying for final exams, when she is called for dinner. Since after the exams schools out the family will be going to register their marriages and then going to eat at an Italian

  33. 33

    Impact of a confession. Yuu what are you talking about Marmalade Boy - Season 1 Meiko is invited to a friends villa, she goes every year. Seeing as Miki is still feeling down about the whole thing with Yuu Meiko invites her.

  34. 34

    Suzu and Kei. Those two make me nervous Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  35. 35

    Love at the school festival. Yuu and Kei's concert Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  36. 36

    Our First Night: "Surprise in the bathroom" Marmalade Boy - Season 1 Miki and Yuu's parents go for a trip, leaving Miki alone with Yuu. Yuu is talking a bath, while Miki is in her room waiting for the bath and writing to Meiko. Yuu comes in her room telling her that

  37. 37

    Love Game: "I really hate Ginta" Marmalade Boy - Season 1 Meiko is thinking about tell Miki that Shinichi and She are together but she can’t seem to bring herself to say it. The next day the tournament was stating with the match against Yuu’s old school.

  38. 38

    New Year's pattern of love. It's going to be a wonderful year Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  39. 39

    A box of memories. Bye bye Yuu Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  40. 40

    Love and Friendship: "Ginta, please take Arimi-san" Marmalade Boy - Season 1 Miki walks into her room drying her hair and thinking about the day before. The next day she and Ginta go to the roof to talk. She tells him the truth about her feelings and that she likes both Yuu

  41. 41

    Ripples again. New York is too far away Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  42. 42

    Holding back the tears. I want to be alone Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  43. 43

    A man's decision. Na-chan, please don't quit Marmalade Boy - Season 1 With the whole fiasco with Meiko Shinichi decides to quit as a teacher and work as a real estate agent with his parents in Hiroshima. He tells the class this with Meiko absent she has no idea on what

  44. 44

    Meiko's separation. I can't say goodbye Marmalade Boy - Season 1 Shinichi tells the class that he quits and that he's leaving. Gives Meiko back her pendant. He gives Meiko a call and tells her that he's leaving for Hiroshima. She tells him to take her with him.

  45. 45

    Ginta's Confession: "I won't let you have her!" Marmalade Boy - Season 1 Miki swears that she won't forgive Ginta for kissing her since they weren't in love. The next day, she tries to get up late so she won't meet Ginta but Yuu forces her out of bed. When Yuu and Miki

  46. 46

    Part-time Job: Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  47. 47

    Smash!: "I love both Yuu and Ginta" Marmalade Boy - Season 1 Miki starts writing to Meiko telling her that her parents are coming back the next day. When she gets to school she can't look Ginta in the face and then runs away. After Meiko reads the diary she

  48. 48

    Tearful reunion. I thought it was over between us Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  49. 49

    Indecisive lovers. Goodbye Ginta Marmalade Boy - Season 1

  50. 50

    New life. Yuu I wonder how you're doing Marmalade Boy - Season 1

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