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Below is a complete Maximum Exposure episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Maximum Exposure episodes are listed along with the Maximum Exposure episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Maximum Exposure episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features items like “Guns and Hoses: Shocking Stories from the Street” and “The Beat Goes On: Shocking Police Action.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Maximum Exposure episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Extremely Lucky Dudes Nov 11 2000 - Russian Mig jets collide and explode in midair and the pilots eject; Motorcyclist dragged behind motorcycle at 175 MPH, then crashes again at 200 MPH two weeks later; Sprint car driver is thrown ...more

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Believe It...Or Don't! Feb 17 2001 - Mexican brothers whose faces are covered with hair; Chicken wing eating contest; French man eats anything, including glass, razor blades, metal bolts, and wrist watch; Man attaches hooks to ...more

So You Think Your Job Sucks?! Mar 24 2001 - Olympic measurer speared by javelin; Man who taste tests pet food; Cobra bites snake catcher; News reporter trapped in the middle of a flock of turkeys; Reporter sits on back of trailer as ...more

Animals Strike Back! Nov 18 2000 - Alligator clamps down on man's head; Boa constrictor bites owner; Bear attacks man; Llama pushes reporter into muddy ditch; Llama spits vomit on man with camera; Leopard attacks park ranger in ...more

Goin' For It! Mar 03 2001 - Man walks tightrope 350 feet above canyon; Base jumpers jump in into 1300 foot cave; Skydivers go through hula hoop; Blind man, amputee, and paraplegic climb cliff wall; Man karate chops ...more

That's Gotta Hurt! Oct 07 2000 - Motorcyclists ride up cliff and fall; Bike racers thrown off bikes on steep dirt road; Parachutist loses control and bounces; Racecar spins out and nails cameraman; Speedboat driver hurled from ...more

Awesome Explosions! May 12 2001 - Burning tanker full of chemicals explodes; Titan 4 missile test; Propane tank explodes inside burning car; Burning firework warehouse; Japanese men hold onto large exploding cylinders full of ...more

I Fought the Law Oct 28 2000 - Troopers shoot at fleeing suspect; Cadillac pursuit ends in pileup; Suspect drives stolen car off cliff and keeps running; Suspect runs red light at high speed and t-bones a jeep and a pickup; ...more

Extreme Sports Psychos Oct 14 2000 - Skydivers play catch in midair; Scat jumpers jumping from high places into safety net; Motorcyclists jump hillsides and sand dunes; Wake boarders do summersaults; Man skis off half-mile high ...more

Earth: The World's Most Dangerous Planet! Nov 04 2000 - Texas tornado trashes neighborhood; Minnesota tornado on lake; Tornado in Salt Lake City; Kansas storm chasers chased by tornado; Texas tornado ravages town; Teenager almost struck by lightning ...more

Twisted TV! Jun 23 2001 - Shotgun bowling; Stay cat goes berserk and bites a man on the leg; The world's smallest man; Germans stuff tobacco up noses; Blazer drives down the Lion's Back in Utah and hits the ground ...more

The World's Most Dumbest Guys Feb 24 2001 - College guys rope swing from roof of house; Teenagers sit on back of couch being hauled down the rod by a truck; Wrestler jumps off balcony onto opponent; Man plays poker in the middle of a bull ...more

Max X Guide to Life Apr 21 2001 - Man eats 38 boiled eggs in 29 seconds and has a stroke; Shark pulls fisherman overboard; Stuntman punches through car windshield and cuts his arm, then hits another stuntman with a burning ...more

When People Attack Feb 03 2001 - Woman gets out of car and attacks work strikers; Pastor attacks cameraman; Mob of angry parents attack corrupt teacher and her lawyer; Woman attacks ex-husband's new girlfriend in her car; ...more

The Coolest Animals Alive Feb 10 2001 - Man who bags snakes and milks their venom; Komodo dragons eat goats; Tasmanian devil bites camera; Wildebeests cross river full of hungry crocodiles; Water skiing monkey; Monkeys on dogs round ...more

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International Edition May 05 2001 - Thai woman does circus performance with crocodile; Taiwanese game show covers contestants with ink, milk, and tomato juice; Russian vodka drinking contest; Russian man in Speedo sets himself on ...more

Rescue Me! Dec 23 2000 - Man jumps from burning apartment; Dump truck on top of car; Man pinned underwater by crashed helicopter; Painter hangs from hotel roof while co-worker sleeps on roof; Boy gets belly button stick ...more

Nasty, Nasty Critters Oct 21 2000 - Man with bees in mouth; Alligators in Brooklyn apartment; Man who puts snakes in mouth; Deer pins man against fence; British animal farm; Cigarette-smoking chimpanzee throws dung at camera; ...more

Real Fight Club Apr 28 2001 - Street fight outside Canadian bar; Brazilian soccer fans come onto field and riot; Camera men attacked at mobster's funeral; Fight breaks out at skate party; Continuation of the Canadian street ...more

Bizarro World Jan 27 2001 - Taiwanese family whose bodies attract metal objects; Man charges body with electricity and shoots electricity from fingers; Man who can hammer nails into wood with bare hand; Man eats auto ...more

Max X Awards Apr 14 2001 - Ballerinas dance while hanging from ropes on cliff (Best New Art Form); Man launches car off ramp and it explodes on midair (Best Performance in Asbestos Longjohns); Man in car pulls plane's ...more

Greatest Hits Dec 30 2000 - Truck hits wall and gets totaled; Motorcycle racer flies off bike and slides into hay bails; Speedboat racer wipes out; Stock car flips and spirals through the air; Cars hit ramps and collide ...more

Like, Totally Over-Exposed May 19 2001 - Pregnant bikini contest; Women skydive in lingerie; Students on charter plane have wet t-shirt contest; Car salesman hit with dart in foot; Car salesman runs down street with pants down; Woman ...more

Comin' to Getcha! Jan 20 2001 - Father holds baby hostage; Sharpshooter shoots hostage taker; Motorist holds cop at gunpoint during traffic stop; Enraged woman yells at cops during traffic stop; Italian farmers shoot manure at ...more

It Coulda Been Worse! Nov 25 2000 - Unmanned rocket explodes; Burning gas station explodes and engulfs city block; Military jet smacks runway during air show; Plane crashes into lake; Teenagers videotape fireball; BMX bikes ...more

Wipeouts! Dec 02 2000 - Racecar spins out and rolls nine times; Skateboarders crashing; BMX biker falls to pavement while riding down a stair rail; Skier tumbles 1000 feet down mountainside; Ballerinas falling; ...more

The Future of America Apr 20 2002 - Car hits kid in shopping cart; Boy on rollerblades gets yelled at for falling in street; Teenager gets pulled over after jumping his bike off the roof of a school; Teenagers raid convenience ...more

Them Friggin' Critters May 11 2002 - Bear gets head stuck in large milk jug; Ostriches bite reporter; Monkeys have boxing match; Monkeys steal hats and sunglasses from tourists; Surfing dogs; Starling trapped in bathroom; Dog's ...more

Wonderful World Nov 30 2001 - Japanese New Year celebration; Turkish spa full of fish that clean wounds; Indonesian tribal village; Indian stone throwing ritual; Indian women beat husbands with sticks; Laotians run knifes ...more

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Hell on Earth Feb 09 2002 - Over 100 people trapped in burning Chicago hotel; Brazilians trapped in flooded street; Afghans open fire on cameraman in car; Couple on honeymoon in Israel leaves café just before ...more

Talent Show Oct 19 2001 - Man balances heavy objects on head; Man displays beer chugging talents; Man shoots balloons with gun while standing on tightrope; Man has cinderblock smashed over neck, lies on bed of nails, and ...more

Max X Coolest, Most Awesom-est Videos! You're Ever Gonna See in the 21st Century May 25 2002 - Rappeler jumps off cliff and hits ground face-first; Men thrown from speedboat; Japanese mud wrestlers; Boy stuck in manhole; Wife almost falls though seatbelt on slingshot ride; Boy shoots ...more

Holy Matrimony: The World's Weirdest Wedding Videos Oct 27 2001 - Bride falls off horse; Scuba divers have wedding underwater; Apes at wedding; Couple arrives at wedding on go-karts; Couple married in hot air balloon; Preacher weds couple while all three stand ...more

Special Moments, Special People Mar 23 2002 - Janitor breaks into restaurant and vandalizes it; Man with knife tries to rob people in convenience store parking lot; Man with shovel hits trespassing ATV rider in the face; Car owner and ...more

Critter 911 Nov 23 2001 - Horse hangs from train trestle; Elephant stuck in well; Whale with fishing net stuck on tail; Deer caught between fence bars; Woman hears what she thinks is a cat stuck in her pipes, but it ...more

Super Heroes Jan 12 2002 - Man trapped on crane 220 feet above burning building; Woman passes out while climbing radio tower; Bank robber holds teller hostage in car; Boat collision leaves girl trapped underwater for five ...more

The Beat Goes On: Shocking Police Action Feb 16 2002 - Fleeing suspect keeps driving past his house; Undercover cop gets into struggle with armed drug dealer; Police officer jumps over wall to catch suspect and realizes it's too high; Cops arrest ...more

Really, Really Bad Days Oct 05 2001 - Hunter's truck gets stuck on edge of 300-foot cliff and falls; Parasailer can't get down; Car crashes through flaming boxes and hits reporter; Clerk locks robber in store; Man in armor hit by ...more

Born to Lose Dec 28 2001 - BMX biker tries to jump from ramp to roof and hits the side of the building; Man jumps off 200-foot high bridge; Car dominoes; Man attaches hang gliding kite to motorcycle and crashes while ...more

Crash! Bam! Boom! May 04 2002 - Funny car explodes and rams into opponent; Drag boat crashes and explodes; Race car rams spectator on the side of the road; Funny car crashes into wall and flips; Motorcyclist jumps sand dune ...more

Dudes in Uniform May 18 2002 - Italian cops bust drug dealers; French firefighters try to put out a gasoline fire; California cops shoot a robbery suspect after he stabs an officer; Cop on toll booth patrol; Man slashed in ...more

The Max X Commandments Dec 21 2001 - Man flips BMX bike over dirt pile for money; Convenience store gets robbed twice in ten minutes; Rim flies off bouncing truck and hits man in face; BMX biker crashes into tree; Cop makes erratic ...more

Recipe for Disaster Apr 06 2002 - Trapped victims under tornado debris; Plane wing clips tree during takeoff and the plane cartwheels, leaving hunters stranded in wilderness; Floridians record hurricane; Bus falls over 30-foot ...more

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3,147,568,279 Women Can't Be Wrong... Men Are Stupid Feb 23 2002 - Man does fishtails with cousin's car and crashes into tree; Car thief videotapes himself confessing to stealing a car on stolen camcorder; Hidden camera records roommate stealing money; Man on ...more

Pain Fest Jan 26 2002 - Man jumps off roof and hits edge of pool; Human catapult bounces off safety net; Motorcycle jumper crashes into sand dune; Electric weight loss belt shocks woman; Boy shoots clown in eye with ...more

Bad Dudes With 'Tudes Feb 02 2002 - Guards beat up fan who jumps on stage while Metallica is playing; Man attacks murder suspect in courtroom; Crack dealers shoot at cop; Murder convict punches his lawyer in courtroom; Ice Hockey ...more

Stupid Morons: A Celebration of Life Nov 02 2001 - College guy swings from rope with no hands and hits head on sidewalk; Rappeler jumps off cliff and hits ground face-first; Man videotapes himself making methamphetamine; Woman records husband ...more

Too Drunk For TV Nov 16 2001 - Drunk college students on spring break; Drunks interrogated at police station; Russians get popped with champagne corks; Italian tourist gets punched by drunk Brit after stealing teddy bear from ...more

Wild in the Streets Apr 27 2002 - Argentina police fire tear gas and rubber bullets at protesting college students; Protesters take over construction site and throw flaming cocktails at construction workers; Rival monk groups ...more

On the Edge Oct 12 2001 - Sky diving instructor strangled by parachute cord during tandem jump; Wing walker slips and dangles beneath plane; Firefighter stops suicidal man from jumping off ledge; Man dangles 20-month old ...more