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Full List of My Fair Wedding Episodes

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Below is a complete My Fair Wedding episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual My Fair Wedding episodes are listed along with the My Fair Wedding episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. My Fair Wedding episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “Quiana” and “Pirate Bride.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the My Fair Wedding episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    Wanda Oct 26 2008

  2. 2

    Jennifer Nov 02 2008

  3. 3

    Mandy Nov 09 2008

  4. 4

    Seria Nov 16 2008

  5. 5

    Nov 23 2008

  6. 6

    Nov 30 2008

  7. 7

    Amanda Becvar

  8. 8

    Seria Powell

  9. 9

    Wanda Ortiz David helps a Marilyn Monroe impersonator with her 1950s-inspired wedding.

  10. 10

    Mandy Ferrer

  11. 11

    Jennifer Coppola

  12. 12

    Bayyina Joseph By David Tutera’s standards, Bayyina Joseph’s idea of a “majestic” wedding falls a tad bit short.

  13. 13

    Caroline (Bling Bride) Sep 27 2009

  14. 14

    Nicole Oct 04 2009

  15. 15

    Quiana Oct 11 2009

  16. 16

    Kricket Oct 18 2009

  17. 17

    Dayira Oct 25 2009

  18. 18

    Lauren (Renaissance Fair Bride) Nov 01 2009

  19. 19

    Noelle (Glue Gun Bride) Nov 29 2009

  20. 20

    Corryn (50's Glam Bride) Dec 06 2009

  21. 21

    Varneka (Gold Bride) Dec 13 2009

  22. 22

    Dayira Muniz It’s just three weeks from her wedding day and Dayira Muniz is about to show David Tutera just how sweet she wants her wedding. It takes a lot to shock this wedding planner, but David is definitely

  23. 23

    Nicole O’Hara Her wedding is just three weeks away and David Tutera’s bride Nicole O’Hara is all over the map when it comes to wedding planning. She loves the color purple, which is apparent in her wedding

  24. 24

    Noelle Kane

  25. 25

    Kristi Kszepka David takes a girl from New Jersey whose wedding theme was based on a pink merlot wine and transforms her into a breathtaking bride and her wedding into a uniquely elegant day to remember.

  26. 26

    Quiana Morgan When David Tutera met Quiana Morgan for the first time, he learned she wanted a “winter wonderland themed” wedding…in spring! And her bouquets and wedding cake were coming from the local grocery

  27. 27

    Caroline Martino Brooklyn bride Caroline Martino loves crystals and she wants a wedding dripping with them. The problem David Tutera finds when he meets her, is that nothing she has for her wedding sparkles as much as

  28. 28

    Lauren Masterson David Tutera thought he had heard and seen it all, until he met his bride Lauren Masterson three weeks before her wedding day.

  29. 29

    Jamie Ferris A “Mummer Parade” is a colorful, costumed celebration that happens in Philadelphia every New Year’s Day.

  30. 30

    Bernadette Davis If there’s one color that makes David Tutera’s skin crawl, it’s green. Unfortunately for David, his latest bride, Bernadette Davis, has her wedding infused with the colors kiwi and cream for fashion,

  31. 31

    Corryn Conyer Ever since she saw the movie, “Sabrina,” Harlem bride Corryn Conyer has envisioned looking like Audrey Hepburn on her wedding day. When David Tutera met Corryn just three weeks before she walked down

  32. 32

    Christina Velez Christina Velez had her dream wedding planned – a destination getaway with her closest family and friends watching her and her fiancé Ed Rangel exchanging vows on a beach in Mexico. Then the

  33. 33

    Varneka Edwards Living in Bear, Delaware is nothing like living in New York City, but that hasn’t stopped David Tutera’s latest bride, Varneka Edwards, from trying to bring the Big Apple to town on her wedding day.

  34. 34

    Cowboy Bride Jul 18 2010 This bride must have cowboy boots on her wedding day, and David must ensure she two-steps her way down the aisle with style.

  35. 35

    Purple Princess Bride Aug 01 2010

  36. 36

    Bling Bride Aug 29 2010

  37. 37

    Pirate Bride Jul 25 2010 David Tutera has planned plenty of destination weddings. So when he heard he was headed to the Caribbean, the last thing he imagined was a "pirates of the caribbean" themed wedding.

  38. 38

    Zen Bride Jun 27 2010 Jessica's Zen-themed wedding has her so calm that David’s not sure he can shake her out of her place of peace and into a more sophisticated wedding day.

  39. 39

    Swamp Bride Jul 11 2010 What is David Tutera to do with a bride who is allergic to flowers and wants her wedding décor to resemble a swamp? This is a first for David, and with only three weeks until the wedding, he’s

  40. 40

    Great Gatsby Bride Jun 20 2010

  41. 41

    Greek Goddess Bride Aug 22 2010

  42. 42

    Butterfly Bride Aug 08 2010 Where does David begin with a bride who wants butterflies, rainbows, butterflies and then more butterflies? For him, this celebration reeks of a science lab! But for Monique, it's the wedding she's

  43. 43

    Poker Bride Jun 06 2010 David may have met his match in Jayme! This bride's controlling personality makes it hard for David to plan her floral theme wedding.

  44. 44

    Spring Bride Jun 13 2010 Over-the-top glitz and glamour is Joanne’s vision, but she has champagne taste on a beer budget! In order to make Joanne’s dreams come true, David pulls out all the stops to make it nothing short of

  45. 45

    Diva Bride Jul 04 2010 David thinks Chrissy's "Alice in Wonderland"-themed wedding is over the top! From the black bridal gown to the top hats, this wedding is in need of a major rewrite! Good thing David's here

  46. 46

    Day of the Dead Bride Aug 15 2010 Bride-to-be Katie has a lust for blood, and David tries his best to bring in more elegance and less "Dawn of the Dead.

  47. 47

    Winter Wonderland Bride

  48. 48

    Mini Truck Bride

  49. 49

    Royal Bride

  50. 50

    Breast Cancer Survivor Bride

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