Full List of Never Mind The Buzzcocks Episodes TV Episodes

Full List of Never Mind The Buzzcocks Episodes

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Below is a complete Never Mind the Buzzcocks episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Never Mind the Buzzcocks episodes are listed along with the Never Mind the Buzzcocks episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Never Mind the Buzzcocks episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features items like “Katie Melua, Darren Hayes, Dave Fulton, Holly Willoughby” and “Martha Wainwright, Rachel Stevens, Sway, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Never Mind the Buzzcocks episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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  1. 1

    Merry Mind the Buzzcocks Dec 29 1997 Boy George, Noddy Holder, Louise Wener, Jonathan Ross

  2. 2

    A Moving Tribute (Compilation) Feb 14 2008 A best of compilation for series 21.

  3. 3

    1st Series Compilation Feb 21 1997

  4. 4

    Buzzcocks... Imagine a Mildly Amusing Panel Show Jun 20 2007 Alan Yentob in a highly thoughtful, insightful and rare interview with Simon Amstell about the pressures of hosting the popular pop music quiz, Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Yentob also takes a look back

  5. 5

    Technically, The Best Series Ever Jan 16 2009 A look back at what were technically some excellent moments from series 22. Featuring a galaxy of technically good celebrity bookings and many, many technically funny sentences.

  6. 6

    Never Rewind the Buzzcocks An exclusive Video Killed the Radio Star edition of the hit music quiz show with host Mark Lamarr and resident team captains Phil Jupitus and Sean Hughes. With guests Jonathan Ross, Sarah Cracknell

  7. 7

    Christmas Special Dec 30 1998

  8. 8

    Red Button: Cold Sores vs. Coldplay Oct 22 2009

  9. 9

    Red Button: Aerosmith vs. The Smiths Nov 25 2009

  10. 10

    Red Button: Beiber Beaver and Florence Against The Machine Oct 28 2010 What is the best way to tell off Justin Bieber? Was there a Ninja in the village people? Who are the biggest pool hall hustlers out of Florence and The Machine and Rage Against The Machine? Find out

  11. 11

    Red Button: Bowie's Boots and Winehouse's Flip-flops Nov 11 2010 Does Amy Winehouse really own a boat sized flip-flop? How does Paul Weller keep such lovely shoes? What was Jimmy Nail’s worst song? Find out the answers to these feet-based quandaries and more as

  12. 12

    Comic Relief 24 Hour Panel People Special Mar 06 2011 Special episode recorded as part of the 24 hour panel people comic relief marathon. David Walliams hosts, Guest Captains are Robert Webb and Neil Tennent. Also on the show are Alexa Chung, Chris

  13. 13

    Red Button: Velvet Underground vs. London Underground Dec 02 2009

  14. 14

    Red Button: Cat Stevens vs. Cats Oct 29 2009

  15. 15

    Red Button: The Doors vs. Doors Dec 09 2009

  16. 16

    Red Button: Jagger's Crayons and Crinkle Cuts Dec 02 2010 What crayons does Mick Jagger use? How long can a stretch Armstrong be stretched? What is best Lego or Stickle bricks? Find out the answer to these troubling childhood questions and more as Never Mind

  17. 17

    Red Button: Magnum Teresa and The Hungry Hippos Dec 09 2010 Who will be the next Sugarbabe? Who is the happiest man in rock? Who is the oldest chuckle brother? Find out the answer to these troubling pop culture questions and more as Never Mind The Buzzcocks’

  18. 18

    Red Button: R2D2 vs. U2 Oct 15 2009

  19. 19

    The Best Of Never Mind The Buzzcocks Exclusive DVD Featurette Nov 16 2009 Never Mind the Buzzcocks host Simon Amstell and team captain Phill Jupitus have a rare out of hours get together to look back at some exclusive, never-before-aired, deleted material from the last 3

  20. 20

    Red Button: Bryan Ferry vs. Ferries Sep 30 2009

  21. 21

    Red Button: Poking Gaga and Fishing with Courtney Love Nov 04 2010 What is the secret to Courtney Loves Pike fishing skills? How does Lady Gaga decide what to wear in the morning? Who would win out of a fight between Queen and Prince? Find out the answer to these

  22. 22

    Red Button: Wizzard vs. Wizards Oct 08 2009

  23. 23

    Red Button: Brian Eno vs. The Beano Nov 04 2009

  24. 24

    Red Button: Van Morrison vs. A Morrison's Van Nov 11 2009

  25. 25

    Red Button: Pixie Lott vs. Lots of Pixies Nov 18 2009

  26. 26

    Red Button: Buzzcocks vs. Christmas Dec 16 2009

  27. 27

    Red Button: iPods and Dog Biscuit Dreams Oct 21 2010 Is there anything Meatloaf won’t do for love? Did Steve Jobs really invent the iPod? What really happened on the day the music died and who actually let the dogs out? Find out the answer to these

  28. 28

    Red Button: Kiss Kings and Lou Reed’s Panda Eyes Nov 18 2010 Who has the best make up in Rock? Who is better out of The Beach Boys and The Beastie Boys? How do you solve a problem like Maria? Find out the answer to these musical conundrums and more as Never

  29. 29

    Red Button: Three Muskerhounds and the Death Of Morph Nov 25 2010 What was the greatest childhood theme song? Who started the Aardman fire? Does anyone wear pasta jewellery? Find out the answer to these troubling childhood questions and more as Never Mind The

  30. 30

    Red Button: Iggy's Jellyfish and Bowie’s Shepherd’s Pie Dec 16 2010 How see through are Iggy Pop’s trousers? What is Bowie’s latest look? What are pandas really all about?

  31. 31

    Red Button: Twitter Mums and Ringing Ears Dec 21 2010 Are ringing ears the sign of a good gig? Are all Mums on Twitter? Who is rock's No. 1 Bill and Ben lover? Find out the answer to these rogue questions and more as Never Mind The Buzzcocks’ Phill

  32. 32

    Red Button: Zombie Elvis and the Corduroy Zebra Dec 30 2010 Need top West End musical tips? Love Elvis? Love Zombies? Love felt animals on grown men’s hands? This is the place for you… As Never Mind The Buzzcocks’ Phill Jupitus and Noel Fielding answer your

  33. 33

    Red Button: Bez Pez, Welsh Pandas and The Funk Jan 03 2011 Are all pandas Welsh? Is there a fake facebook Noel? Is spinning in circles really fast good fun for five year olds? Find out the answer to these top conundrums and more as Never Mind The Buzzcocks’

  34. 34

    Online Extra: The Sixties To The Noughties Jan 05 2011 In this exclusive red button extras of Buzzcocks, Phill and Noel battle through the decades defining their best bands ever.

  35. 35

    Children In Need Special 2011 Nov 18 2011 Special Children in Need edition of Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Katy Brand Hosts with guests Harry Judd, Arlene Phillps, Clare Richards and Shaun Williamson.

  36. 36

    Sport Relief Special 2012 Mar 23 2012 Special Sport Relief edition of Never Mind the Buzzcocks. With host Jake Humphrey and guests Louise Redknapp, Mel C, Austin Healey, and Tim Lovejoy.

  37. 37

    Wayne Sleep, Sian Evans, Clint Boon, Mike Wilmot Oct 06 2003

  38. 38

    Dick Valentine, Huey Morgan, Louise Redknapp, Alexei Sayle Sep 08 2003

  39. 39

    Megaman, Martina Topley-Bird, Howard Jones, Jackie Clune Sep 22 2003

  40. 40

    Simon Amstell, Kym Marsh, Romeo, Gary Wilmot Oct 27 2003

  41. 41

    Josie D'Arby, Joel Pott, Jane McDonald, Gavin Webster Sep 29 2003

  42. 42

    Adam Hills, Matt Hales, Guy Garvey, Jayne Middlemiss Oct 20 2003

  43. 43

    Vic Henley, Myleene Klass, Andy Bell, Sinitta Oct 13 2003

  44. 44

    Har Mar Superstar, Raul Malo, Liz McClarnon, Mark Richardson Sep 15 2003

  45. 45

    Christmas Special Dec 28 2003

  46. 46

    James Redmond, Sheila Ferguson, Jill Jackson, Crispian Mills Feb 09 2004

  47. 47

    Lisa Maffia, Mike Lewis, Dave Johns, David Grant Jan 19 2004

  48. 48

    Kwame Kwei-Armah, Terry Hall, Brandon Block, Dave Fulton Jan 05 2004

  49. 49

    Dara O'Briain, Fatman Scoop, Gary Jules, Wes Butters Feb 16 2004

  50. 50

    Rich Hall, Amy Winehouse, Mike Peters, Fearne Cotton Mar 08 2004

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