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Full List of Red Shoe Diaries Episodes

Below is a complete Red Shoe Diaries episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Red Shoe Diaries episodes are listed along with the Red Shoe Diaries episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Red Shoe Diaries episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list includes “Divorce, Divorce,” “Borders of Salt” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Red Shoe Diaries episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

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    Red Shoe Diaries: The Movie Jun 20 1992

  2. 2

    How I Met My Husband Dec 04 1993 A shy dominatrix trainee meets a husband.

  3. 3

    Talk to Me Baby Aug 22 1992 A bickering couple goes for a drive.

  4. 4

    You Have the Right to Remain Silent Jul 14 1992 A woman cop arrests an attractive man.

  5. 5

    May 29 1993 Through the empty streets of L.A. and into the pre-dawn highways of the Mojave Desert a handsome stranger pushes Claudia to new heights of speed and pleasure.

  6. 6

    May 15 1993 A woman, dressed as a man, follows her husband's mistress.

  7. 7

    Weekend Pass Jun 26 1993 A female bounty hunter is hired to find a man named Oliver Dunbar, who seduces women and steals money from them. She was hired by the last woman he conned. She locates him at a truck stop. She

  8. 8

    Double or Nothing Jul 24 1993 An unhappily wed soldier meets a musician.

  9. 9
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    Double Dare Jul 18 1992 A woman considers infidelity with a man in a nearby office building

  10. 10

    Jul 10 1993 Daria becomes the maid for a very in love couple but she has trouble understanding their language of love until she finds a novel way to fit into the happy household.

  11. 11

    Safe Sex Jun 26 1992 A beautiful woman is enticed into a forbidden world by a handsome stranger and things start to get a little steamy.

  12. 12

    May 05 1993 Daria becomes the maid for a very in love couple but she has trouble understanding their language of love until she finds a novel way to fit into the happy household.

  13. 13

    Jake's Story Jun 12 1993 A dancer with stage fright catches the eye of a hot rock star who finds a way to bring her out of her shell and into the spotlight.

  14. 14

    Just Like That Apr 17 1993 Receptionist Trudie's straightforward life becomes complicated when two men fall for her on the same day. Unable to choose between bizarrely dress courier, Kyle, and businessman Phillip, she initially

  15. 15
    No image

    Kidnap May 14 1994 A story about an adult phone line worker.

  16. 16
    No image

    May 21 1994 A harried career woman falls for a cab driver.

  17. 17
    No image

    Some Things Never Change Feb 13 1995 Former lovers find themselves attracted again.

  18. 18
    No image

    Liar's Tale Jul 14 1994 A veterinarian's assistant is obsessed with a firefighter's rescue.

  19. 19
    No image
  20. 20
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    In the Blink of an Eye Jul 23 1994 Imaginations run wild on a first date.

  21. 21
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    Naked in the Moonlight Apr 23 1994 It's Carnival and all that Isabelle ever dreamed of comes true in one blissful night of wild abandon with a beautiful Brazilian man

  22. 22
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    Gina Feb 06 1995 A married woman is attracted to a boxer.

  23. 23
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    Love at First Sight Sep 02 1994 A journalist researches a report on prostitution.

  24. 24
    No image

    Midnight Bells Dec 18 1993 A woman reflects on a New Year's affair.

  25. 25
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    Hotline A story about an adult phone line worker.

  26. 26
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    Night of Abandon Jun 11 1994 An investment banker meets a cowboy during a robbery.

  27. 27
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    Runway Apr 30 1994 A woman inherits a '57 Cadillac convertible and it's sexy mechanic.

  28. 28
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    Boarders Of Salt Jul 23 1994 Imaginations run wild on a first date.

  29. 29
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    You Make Me Want To Wear Dresses Feb 20 1995 A cowgirl is willing to change for her new man.

  30. 30
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    The Game Aug 06 1994 A bored couple invents an adult board game.

  31. 31
    No image

    The Game

  32. 32

    Emily's Dance A young dancer is chosen to star in a hip-hop video.

  33. 33

    Girl on a Bike Marcus sets out to win the girl of his dreams

  34. 34
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    The Psychiatrist A psychiatrist learns from one of her female patients that a wealthy man pays women to strip for him.

  35. 35
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    The Last Motel

  36. 36
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    Borders of Salt Two strangers share supper and an evening of verbal foreplay.

  37. 37

    Two couples take refuge in a disused building during a stormy night.

  38. 38
    No image

    You Make Me Want to Wear Dresses

  39. 39
    No image

    Luscious Lola

  40. 40
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    The Cake A woman tries to spice up her love life by turning herself into a cake for her husband's birthday

  41. 41
    No image


  42. 42
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    Like Father Like Son A story told from the viewpoint of a young woman in a complex relationship

  43. 43
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    Written Word A Sexy professor fantasizes about her favourite student

  44. 44
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  45. 45
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    Caged Bird

  46. 46
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  47. 47
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    Swimming Naked

  48. 48
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  49. 49
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    Dime a Dance

  50. 50
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    Billy Bar

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