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Below is a complete Silversun episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Silversun episodes are listed along with the Silversun episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Silversun episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this list include everything from “Can Opener” to “Dark Past.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Silversun episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Alien Presence Jun 28 2004 - The year is 2050 and the Star Runner is two years into its 90 year voyage; a voyage that will take them to the Silver Sun. Frozen in the hold is the precious cargo of 550 frozen New Settlers, ...more

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Electronic Sheep Jun 28 2004 - The glitch caused by the solar fog is to be solved with a down load from Earth. But leadership tension between TANE and DEGENHARDT can not be solved so easily. Via the holophone, LEONELLA learns ...more

Meltdown Jun 29 2004 - The emergency that PANCHA detected turns out to be a potential meltdown of all the frozen cryons. MARA and TANE repair the damage just in time. PANCHA finds being permanently connected to the ...more

Chill Out Jun 29 2004 - The crew bring the pod containing the New Settler to be reanimated, out of the hold. But when opened, it's not the old Dr Flickadello but instead the young ZANDIE BROKOW. What has gone wrong? ...more

Staying Alive Jun 30 2004 - ZANDIE and DEGENHARDT continue to bond after ZANDIE decides to stay on board. Not everyone is happy with this decision least of all TANE who sees ZANDIE's presence as a destabilising influence ...more

Trade Off Jun 30 2004 - When the truth comes out that DEGENHARDT is responsible for reanimating ZANDIE, he is hauled over the coals. But his punishment will be his to decide. Unimpressed that DEGENHARDT interfered with ...more

Frozen Exile Jul 01 2004 - Everyone tries as best as they can to stop Degenhardt from being suspended. They all organise a party for him. Because of Degenhardt being suspended in Zandie's place, Zandie thinks Cyriax is ...more

No Probe-Lemo Jul 01 2004 - Zandie and Degenhardt believe that Cyriax is the ONLY person controlling the ship, and no one else gets a say. The ship are saved from the gravitational pull of the planet they discover. The ...more

Hot Seat Jul 02 2004 - Mara is given the chance to be in an interview that will be broadcast all over Earth, and she is worried that she might muck up the interview, and humiliate herself in front of the whole of ...more

Splitski Jul 02 2004 - Zandie is angry that she is told what to do and when to do it. Leonella & Tane become too close, and Lillian tells them to break it off. Degenhardt, Zandie and Leonella lock themselves in a ...more

Can Opener Jul 05 2004 - Everyone discovers that Zandie is a "Hard Target", a person that is frozen in suspended animation because she can fight if there are any living creatures on the Silver Sun. Leonella ...more

Where's My Star? Jul 05 2004 - Being in a different dimension means that Star Runner has lost all contact with Earth, and the only computer access they have is through Pancha's connection with the computer. Degenhardt, Zandie ...more

Jelly Belly Jul 06 2004 - The crew believe Tycho is joking about the green blob he spotted, but it appears at the hull of the ship again, and gets annoyed when no one believes for the second time around. Mara is ...more

Last One Standing Jul 06 2004 - Cyriax begins to feel pain, and a holographic alien of himself appears, which can't be seen by Tycho, who is watching him. He gets worse, and begins to tell Sheng off for no reason, which makes ...more

Two Faced Jul 07 2004 - Zandie feels a bit left out, and Cinnamon, wanting to be Zandie's friend, steals some champagne from Steve & Karen and gives it to Zandie. She decides to drink it, and becomes really sick. ...more

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Call Waiting Jul 07 2004 - Zandie receives credits to talk to relatives or friends back on Earth. She receives a million credits, and when she has no one to talk to, she gives some of her credits to Mara so she can talk ...more

Hole In The Heart Jul 08 2004 - Cyriax orders Mara to spy on everyone, and tell him when someone is doing something wrong. She reports the meeting that Degenhardt is calling about Cyriax's behaviour. Pancha & Sheng feel ...more

Atmosfear Jul 08 2004 - The crew turn the ship around, back toward the Silver Sun when Cyriax falls victim to the green germ. Sheng & Leanella try to find a way to kill the germ. They find a chemical, but if they ...more

Begin-Again Jul 09 2004 - Lillian reckons they should freeze Cyriax in suspended animation, and unfreeze him when they reach the Silver Sun. That way, he could get help. They discover the only way to save Cyriax is to ...more

One Way Ticket Jul 09 2004 - Degenhardt hears Cyriax say something about BACKUP 397, so he, Pancha and Mara hold a search using the computers to find out about BACKUP 397, disobeying Steve's orders. Leonella & Tane are ...more

Take A Walk Cyriax reveals that two people will get the chance to space walk. Leonella & Tane are chosen, and Mara is angry that she didn't make it, but gets to command the walk. But, Mara, still upset ...more

Revelations The crew discover that the ship is going in the wrong direction, and has been for a while, and Pancha, who has been reinstated as computer manager, realises a virus has been planted in the ...more

Speaking Up Sheng & Mara discover that Zandie simulated C2's brain when the clone begins to dream. It wakes up, and creeps up on Pancha, who takes it to the deck, where Cyriax sees his own clone. ...more

Under Pressure It's exam time, and everyone is feeling pressure. Pancha becomes strangely exhausted, as Sheng develops a crush on Leonella. Tycho & Cinnamon have a go at the simulation game, but it gets ...more

Dark Past Tane reveals to Leonella how he and Strega were friends, and how he saved his life. Karen discovers someone plotted the asteroid and the Infinity on a collision course. Commander Darius's pod ...more

Join The Club Leonella and Mara organise a ball for them, Tane and Degenhardt. Karen teaches the four of them ballroom dancing. Sheng and Tycho have an idea to use Pancha's computer technology to make C2 ...more

Brain Drain C2 tries to help everyone on board Star Runner, and hooks the ship up to a fuel barge where it cannot be unhooked. Meanwhile, the young couples have their formal, but it's Zandie who surprises ...more

Spare Parts Degenhardt and Mara show everyone about Cyriax's clone, and they must use it to save Cyriax. Zandie gets angry that they are going to reanimate the clone, and tries to make it come to life, wake ...more

Dark Matters The ship enters a place where dark matter occurs, and when Zandie, Degenhardt & Tycho tell a scary story to Cinnamon, she gets scared half way through the night, and runs away into the ship. ...more

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Journey Into Fear Degenhardt pushes a button to bring out a crionic pod, but the code he put in was booby-trapped, and in one hour, all of the people in suspended animation on the Infinity would reanimate. The ...more

Enemy Within Someone known as Julian Strega falls unconscious when he falls down from an upper level on the Infinity. He wakes up shortly after, and Leonella suspects that he and Tane known eachother, and ...more

Musical Chairs Pancha holds an oboe recital, but no one has the guts to tell her that she's bad at playing. Zandie takes over from Pancha as computer manager, and hears a voice speaking over the radiowaves, ...more

Cold Shoulder Zandie wants to be resuspended because Mara & Degenhardt are still together. But decides against it Degenhardt breaks up with Mara, and chooses Zandie. Sheng & Tane accidentally finish ...more

Take Your Pulsar Leonella spots a pulsar, a star that has died thousands of years ago. With her new implant battery, Pancha is still strangely exhausted, and faints again. Sheng discovers that the pulsar is ...more

Crossing The Line Everyone is at eachother's throats on the ship, so Lillian decides to throw a party for crossing the Andromida Line. Sheng creates a chocolate bar, which is highly addictive and can make anyone ...more

Ghost Ship Steve, Tane, Mara & Degenhardt explore the ship Infinity, and they discover someone is roaming around the ship when Degenhardt & Mara open a pod and no one's inside! All of the crew of ...more

Will Power Help from Earth will take two years to arrive at Star Runner, so Tane has a brilliant idea, but it fails. Tycho, Cinnamon, Zandie & Sheng throw a party for C2, who creates a name for himself ...more

Between Floors Sheng & Pancha discover that the lift made Mara & Cinnamon disappear, and with Sheng's new idea, they are released from the shadow dimension, as the ship leaves the dark matter. Mara ...more

Rock The Boat Zandie advises Degenhardt to break up with Mara because of their relationship, but he can't do it, and Zandie walks in on Mara & Degenhardt hugging. Asteroids begin appearing out of nowhere, ...more

Boil Over When the star explodes, everything in the ship begins to get hotter, even the crion pods, and if they melt and reanimate, the people inside could have mental and physical problems for the rest ...more

Spare Parts Sep 20 2004

Speaking Up Sep 20 2004

Join The Club Sep 21 2004

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Brain Drain Sep 21 2004

Will Power Sep 22 2004

Crossing The Line Sep 22 2004

Dark Matters Sep 23 2004

Between Floors Sep 23 2004

Take A Walk Sep 24 2004

Rock The Boat Sep 24 2004