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Full List of Soldier Of Fortune, Inc. Episodes

This is an interactive, complete Soldier of Fortune, Inc. episode list. You can even click on the episode numbers for more information in this list of Soldier of Fortune, Inc. episodes. List is alphabetical, but can be sorted by any column. Episodes list includes links with episode synopses, when possible. Photos from the individual Soldier of Fortune, Inc. eps are listed along with the Soldier of Fortune, Inc. episode names when the information is available. Soldier of Fortune, Inc. episodes from every season can be seen below along with information on the directors, stars and sometimes even fun facts about the Soldier of Fortune, Inc. episodes, like shooting locations and original air dates. List features items like Critical List, Alpha Dogs, and many more You can use this factual list to create a new list, re-rank it to fit your opinion, then publish it. (38 items)

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    Soldier of Fortune

  2. 2

    Genesis Sep 27 1997 Matthew Shepherd is forced to retire from the army and is wondering what he is going to do with the rest of his life. Not long afterwards he is met by an old colonel of his and asked if he wants to

  3. 3

    Power Corrupts Oct 04 1997 Al Humphries, a Delta Force Captain, has gone renegade. He has realised, while working for the UN in Haiti, that he could gain a lot of power if he stayed where he is and used his knowledge and skills

  4. 4

    Over the Wire Oct 11 1997 The Soldier of Fortune team is called in to infiltrate Cuba. A rogue agent inside Cuba has given a marine false orders to assassinate Fidel Castro. Will the team be able to stop him, and the

  5. 5

    For Love or Money Oct 18 1997 The Iranian government has got hold of the technology to print near perfect counterfeits of American currency. They have been using it to bankroll for terrorist activities around the world. Shepherd

  6. 6

    Alpha Dogs Oct 25 1997 A computer genius, Jacob Fillmore, who is working on a project for the DOD is nearly killed when a bomb under his car explodes. Trout wants the team to protect Fillmore, to act as his bodyguards

  7. 7

    Broken Play Nov 01 1997 A Bosnian general, and war criminal, is planning to assault the capital city. Trout wants the team to go in and find him, just find him, so that the United Nations can deal with him how they wish. To

  8. 8

    Collateral Damage Nov 08 1997 Six Chilean Shining Path rebels attack the private residence of the French ambassador in Chile. They take a number of hostages, one of whom is the daughter of Xavier Trout. He not only wants the team

  9. 9

    La Mano Negra Nov 15 1997 Contaminated cocaine has been killing users in America, the latest victim is the daughter of the director of the CIA. To help out the CIA Trout arranges for the SOF team to go in and stop the cocaine

  10. 10

    Missing in Action Nov 22 1997 A missionary, who was in reality the CIA's top man in Southern Africa, is captured in Sierra Leone. He is help prisoner by Joseph Karenga, the sworn enemy of the legitimate government and a man who

  11. 11

    Last Chance Jan 24 1998 At the end of a mission in Nicaragua, as they try to escape, the team's plane is shot down. They crash land in the jungle, and with Chance badly injured they think back to past missions while they

  12. 12

    When the Hammer Falls Jan 31 1998 A new super weapon, called a Direct Energy Weapon (DEW), is stolen. This weapon can fire a beam that can not only go through any armor known but can also shut down electrical and mechanical objects

  13. 13

    Surgical Strike Feb 07 1998 A civilian airplane goes down over France with a large number of American citizens on board. It is reported as an accident but it was actually shot down by an anti-aircraft missile. The American

  14. 14

    Hired Guns Feb 14 1998 A warlord ousts a legitimate government, of a small African Island nation. They travel to America and ask Shepherd to take his team in and stage a 'reverse coup' for them. Taking on a whole army, in a

  15. 15

    Déja Vu Feb 21 1998 Chava Herrera, one of the top men in a Mexican drug cartel, is captured and imprisoned by the American government. He agrees to testify against his fellow cartel members until they kidnap his

  16. 16

    Apres Vu Feb 28 1998 While Shepherd is in hospital recovering from his wounds the rest of the team have to decide what they want to do about Chava Herrera, the man who played them for fools and led to Shepherd's injuries.

  17. 17

    Scorned Apr 25 1998 A computer chip that can solve any encryption process possible is up for sale. The man selling it has hired a top assassin to hit an unknown target. The team needs to recover the chip, find out who

  18. 18

    Tight Spot May 02 1998 Matt an Margo go missing in north Korea, near the Chinese/Russian border, after going there to escort a UN man in. the UN man is found dead and Trout asks CJ, Chance and Billy Ray to go in and bring

  19. 19

    Double-Edged Sword May 09 1998 The federal authorities capture a high ranking ex-KGB operative, as he enters America, and put him in a maximum security prison. Trout tells Matt that if he is sentenced to stay on jail then the

  20. 20

    Payback May 16 1998 A call comes in to Matt that leads to him getting the team up and ready for action immediately. A friend of his, an ex-DEA agent, has been kidnapped and a ransom of $3 million demanded. The team will

  21. 21

    Top Event May 23 1998 Isa Totah [ Computer Operator ], Tim Difilippos [ Rashid ] A terrorist group spray serin gas on a number of migrant farm workers to show the government that they have the means, and the mind, to kill

  22. 22

    Wild Card Sep 26 1998 After Trout is left a cryptic message about the death of Colonel Earl Swanson the three members of the SOF team (Matt, Marge & Benny Ray) are asked to conduct an unofficial investigation into his

  23. 23

    Who's Who Oct 03 1998 Heather Young [ Claire ], Steven McCarthy [ Motel Clerk ], Avery Glymph [ Valet ], Philip Pretten [ Warden ] Miguel Santiago, the no: 2 in a big arms dealing organization and now in prison, agrees to

  24. 24

    Spyder's Web Oct 10 1998 In Rumansk a struggle for control of the country leads to the assassination of the defense minister and the kidnapping of his mistress. Roxanne Mitchell is more than just his mistress though; she is

  25. 25

    Party Girl Oct 17 1998 The team's best friend in the Senate, Senator Stanford Parks, comes to Xavier and tells him that his daughter has gone missing. She was last seen in leaving a club in the company of Alex Vargas, the

  26. 26

    A Walk in the Park Oct 24 1998 Margo goes on a solo mission to Berlin, delivering money to an agent in exchange for a list of names that the American Government may be interested in. Her contact is found dead and she is soon in the

  27. 27

    Trade Off Oct 31 1998 A trade involving prisoners, between Libya and America, is arranged to take place in Iceland. On route to Reykjavik the three Libyan prisoners manage to escape their bonds and force the plane to crash

  28. 28

    Iraq and Roll Nov 07 1998 What seems, at first, like a simple find and extract mission is hampered by two facts. The first is that the man they have to find and rescue is the nephew of Saddam Hussain and the second is that he

  29. 29

    Hide and Seek Nov 14 1998 The US Government thinks that they have finally discovered the identity of the notorious terrorist Gabriel. Matt and his team head out to Switzerland and start a surveillance operation on Johann

  30. 30

    Charade Nov 21 1998 A couple are killed while on the way to the airport. Trout's people, who were attempting to uncover their connections with terrorists and arms dealers, were tailing them. Trout gets Margo and Matt to

  31. 31

    Tethered Goat Feb 06 1999 Katrina Herrera (see Déjà Vu & Apres Vu) is released from prison, her case dropped due to lack of evidence. She wants revenge on the SOF team for what they did to her and

  32. 32

    Figure Eight Feb 13 1999 Algerian terrorists are blowing up CIA facilities in France using explosives not available for many years. A trip to France brings back pieces of Margo's past as a CIA agent. Including an arms dealer

  33. 33

    The Lord Is My Shepherd Feb 20 1999 Margo and Matt visit Margo's brother, John, at a religious conference he is attending in Los Angeles. While they are there Matt spots some unusual jobs being completed by the security personnel. As he

  34. 34

    Welcome to Bent Copper May 01 1999 Matt, Marge, Benny and Nick plan a trip to experience some white water rafting. On the way there the car develops a fault and they have to limp there way to a nearby small town, Bent Copper, Colorado.

  35. 35

    White Dragon May 08 1999 A top Chinese agent, known only as the White Dragon, breaks into a French laboratory and steals a top secret serum that can cause heart attacks and remain undetected. Fingerprints of the White Dragon

  36. 36

    The Vestige May 15 1999 After a couple of US government satellites go down over the amazon NASA send in a team of techs to investigate and find what is causing the failures. When their team has been out of contact for two

  37. 37

    Reasonable Doubts May 22 1999 A high level mole in the Pentagon has been passing on top secret info and compromising missions. They have also managed to place enough evidence to prove that it is Trout who is the mole. Trout comes

  38. 38

    Critical List Feb 27 1999 A mission at the Transpacific Oil Refinery in Detroit, looking for proof of their illegal activities, goes badly wrong. Benny Ray and Margo are badly injured and end up in a local hospital. Before

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