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TV Full List of The Irish R.M. Episodes

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Below is a complete The Irish R.M. episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Irish R.M. episodes are listed along with the The Irish R.M. episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Irish R.M. episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “In The Curranhilty Country” to “A Royal Command” is included on this list. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Irish R.M. episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Trinket's Colt Jan 13 1983 - Continuing the story of Major Sinclair Yeates's experiences in Ireland. He has to deal with a remarkable dispute about a young horse. Meanwhile, the Major's wife, Phillipa, arrives from

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Occasional Licences Feb 03 1983 - A local publican neatly sidesteps Yeates' objections to beer sales at the annual St Peter and St Paul's Day Games.

Great Uncle McCarthy Jan 06 1983 - Major Sinclair Yeates, an Englishman, arrives in a rural area of Victorian Ireland. He has married his colonel's daughter and has decided to take up a new career as a Resident Magistrate. Major ...more

A Misdeal Jan 20 1983 - Yeates and Philippa visit a horse fair in search of a suitable mount for a forthcoming hunt.

The Boat's Share Jan 27 1983 - Yeates and his cousin Basil fear their careers are ruined when they are caught in a police raid at the Brickleys.

O Love! O Fire! Feb 10 1983 - Major Sinclair Yeates has settled in as a magistrate in rural Ireland and even his wife Philippa is taking to the country. And with Flurry Knox in love with his cousin, it seems that neither ...more

The Dispensary Doctor Jul 19 1984 - On the eve of the annual local regatta, family rivalries are aggravated when the Callaghans inform the police that the Foleys are planning a salmon poaching trip.

Holy Island Jul 26 1984 - A ship with a full cargo of rum runs aground near Skebawn. The locals engage in drunken revelry as the barrels wash ashore. Of course, the subsequent police search reveals practically no signs

Oweneen the Sprat Aug 02 1984 - Christmas Eve ends with the Yeates having an unfortunate carriage accident. An injured victim turns out to be Oweneen the Sprat, one of the villainous mountainy men who live in the hills. The ...more

A Royal Command Aug 09 1984 - Flurry has challenged a visiting Indian polo team to a match and sold an incorrigible young filly to John Cullinane. The Maharajah and his team are vastly better than the Skebawn team, and the ...more

The Aussolas Martin Cat Aug 16 1984 - Trouble threatens when Flurry and Sally find out that Mrs. Knox wants to rent out their current home, Aussolas Castle, receiving a telegram from her informing them of the imminent arrival of a ...more

A Horse, A Horse Jul 12 1984 - Flurry and Sally return from their honeymoon in Paris and Flurry is up to his old tricks again. He convinces Major Yeates to go on a hunting trip. Of course, Flurrys deceitfulness causes the ...more

Major Apollo Riggs Jun 09 1985 - The Major's sister, Babs, looks after him in Philippa's absence. Cousin Andrew also arrives to help and begins to fix everything in sight, including a crumbling chimney and a mysterious well. ...more

The Muse in Skebawn Jun 02 1985 - With Philippa gone to England to tend to her ailing mother, Major Yeates's problems multiply. A shifty entrepreneur brings moving pictures into Skebawn, create havoc that the Major must subdue ...more

The Devil You Know Jul 07 1985 - An old friend's offer of a resident magistrate position in a more civilized location tempts Yeates.

Apollo Riggs Jun 09 1985 - The Major's sister, Babs, looks after him in Philippa's absence. Cousin Andrew also arrives to help and begins to fix everything in sight, including a crumbling chimney and a mysterious well. ...more

A Friend of Her Youth Jun 16 1985 - Babs fondly reminisces about her old friend, Julian Chichester, who is coming to stay at Shreelane. But no sooner does Chichester arrive than he begins to scorn the Major's household, including ...more

Lisheen Races Jun 30 1985 - A stern official from Dublin Castle observes Yeates' court conduct; Yeates finds Sally's horse hidden in the loft.

In The Curranhilty Country Jun 23 1985 - Yeates's day of hunting goes badly, and he soon decides to abandon a troublesome new car