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Full List of Waterloo Road Episodes

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Below is a complete Waterloo Road episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Waterloo Road episodes are listed along with the Waterloo Road episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Waterloo Road episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Series 4, Episode 14” to “Series 3, Episode 9” is included on this list. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Waterloo Road episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    Episode 11 Series 2 Waterloo Road

  2. 2

    Episode 12 Series 2 Waterloo Road

  3. 3

    Episode 1 Series 2 Waterloo Road

  4. 4

    Episode 1 Series 3 Waterloo Road

  5. 5

    Episode 2 Series 2 Waterloo Road

  6. 6

    Episode 3 Series 2 Waterloo Road

  7. 7

    Episode 4 Series 2 Waterloo Road

  8. 8

    Episode 5 Series 2 Waterloo Road

  9. 9

    Episode 6 Series 2 Waterloo Road

  10. 10

    Episode 7 Series 2 Waterloo Road

  11. 11

    Episode 3 Series 3 Waterloo Road

  12. 12

    Episode 4 Series 3 Waterloo Road

  13. 13

    Episode 5 Series 3 Waterloo Road

  14. 14

    Episode 6 Series 3 Waterloo Road

  15. 15

    Episode 10 Series 3 Waterloo Road

  16. 16

    Episode 8 Series 3 Waterloo Road

  17. 17

    Episode 9 Series 3 Waterloo Road

  18. 18

    Series 2, Episode 12 Apr 26 2007 Jed Seddon's burger van is still peddling junk food and drugs to the students and the situation gets worse when pupil Siobhan is rushed to hospital after an overdose. Chlo's sixteenth birthday

  19. 19

    Series 2, Episode 11 Apr 19 2007 In a bid to get the kids eating their five-a-day, Jack launches a healthy eating initiative but when a burger van arrives at the school it threatens to undo all of Jack's good work. Jerry, a wealthy

  20. 20

    Episode 9 Apr 05 2007 The interviews for the headmaster’s position at Waterloo Road are taking place, and an ambitious interviewee has Jack going in as the underdog. Meanwhile, Kim tries to find out why Dale is playing

  21. 21

    Episode 10 Series 2 Waterloo Road Apr 12 2007 Lorna's struggling to deal with her MS, and when a year group present her with some handmade cards, she gets very emotional and walks out on her class, the school, and her job. Davina, steps in to

  22. 22

    Series 3, Episode 1 Oct 11 2007 As a new term begins, Jack finds himself very depressed over the death of Izzie Redpath, and feels it may be his fault. Elsewhere, a series of new teachers join the school, including Eddie Lawson, the

  23. 23

    Series 3, Episode 2 Oct 18 2007 Matt Wilding begins work on the school musical, with Steph helping. However, she soon becomes so involved, she has little time for pastoral care duties. Tom believes that Chlo is so busy thinking

  24. 24

    Series 3, Episode 3 Oct 25 2007 The school has its first girls' football match, with Tom as the coach. However, Jasmine has a terrible day, and end up putting half of the team in detention. After being yelled at by Tom, she runs out

  25. 25

    Series 3, Episode 4 Nov 01 2007 Jack decides to pop the question to Davina, and she agrees. But when the announcement is made, is Steph able to keep her mouth shut about her and Jack's recent fling. Meanwhile, Chlo finds it hard to

  26. 26

    Series 3, Episode 5 Nov 08 2007 News of Chlo and Brett sleeping together travels round the school fast, and Donte is outraged. He tracks down Brett and beats him up. Elsewhere, Jack is struggling to confess his one-night stand with

  27. 27

    Series 3, Episode 6 Nov 15 2007 Waterloo Road and Jack are in the spotlight once more when it breaks to the reporters that Chlo is missing, and Donte steals Lewis' moped in order to look for her. Jack's day worsens with the

  28. 28

    Nov 22 2007 After Jack's surprise departure, the search is on for a new headteacher. Eddie seems destined to take the role for the meanwhile, however he's shocked when Rachel Mason walks in and takes the job.

  29. 29

    Series 3, Episode 8 Nov 29 2007 Some of the school's most difficult boys are going on an adventure trip with Eddie, Tom, Davina, and Grantly. However, after Grantly insults Bolton's mum, Candice, it ends in havoc. Meanwhile,

  30. 30

    Series 3, Episode 18 Feb 28 2008 Sameen is terrified when two immigration officers come to the school looking for her, but Rachel is only concerned with protecting her. Meanwhile, Chlo's desperate for her hairdressing to suceed.

  31. 31

    Series 3, Episode 16 Feb 14 2008 Wilson Bignham, a supply teacher for Jasmine's temporary departure, is leaving, and lots of the school is sad to see him go. However, something strange is happening between him and Janeece...

  32. 32

    Series 3, Episode 9 Dec 06 2007 Mika has some surprising news for Brett, she might be pregnant. There is an archaeological dig and some bones are discovered - it turns out to be a baby that was buried there a long time ago.

  33. 33

    Series 3, Episode 10 Dec 13 2007 Rachel decides to bring the school musical forward, but this creates problems with the staff and pupils involved, as they're not sure whether they can do it in time. Chlo and Mika are still single,

  34. 34

    Series 3, Episode 14 Jan 31 2008 Jasmine is in shock when she is accused of assulting Michaela, a troublesome student, and faces prosecution.

  35. 35

    Series 3, Episode 11 Jan 10 2008 It's the start of the spring term, and Eddie's annoyed with the teachers for not focussing on the children's exam enough. The kids aren't interested either, so Eddie prepares them by giving them a

  36. 36

    Series 3, Episode 15 Feb 07 2008 Matt panics when he finds out his mother is coming to visit, who is unaware he has a boyfriend. Brett and Mika, elsewhere, are convincing Eddie and the school to be more environmentally friendly.

  37. 37

    Series 3, Episode 17 Feb 21 2008 Chlo says she wants Donte back, whilst Mika and Brett take their environmental plans to the next level.

  38. 38

    Series 3, Episode 19 Mar 06 2008 Jack Rimmer turns up to speak Davina - he wants to know if she'll come to Dubai with him. But will she abandon her life in Rochdale to live with her old flame?

  39. 39

    Series 3, Episode 13 Jan 24 2008 A group of students are volunteering at local work places, and Janeece ends up at a museum. But after an unsuccessful start, she goes to work with Maxine at a resting home, with serious consequences.

  40. 40

    Series 3, Episode 20 Mar 13 2008 t's the last day of term; Stuart Hordley discards a cigarette butt carelessly at the school causing a widespread fire. Who will live and who will die?

  41. 41

    Series 3, Episode 12 Jan 17 2008 Davina is shocked when Darren Briggs Senior, whose son is being tutored by her, is following her around. He seems to want to date her, but she's still with Tom. Elsewhere, Rachel is being blackmailed

  42. 42

    Series 4, Episode 16 Apr 22 2009 Waterloo Road’s latest supply teacher, Jem Allen is proving popular with staff and students alike but her upbeat attitude and glamorous lifestyle are enough to get right up Grantly’s nose. Forced

  43. 43

    Series 4, Episode 15 Apr 15 2009 Determined to reunite the girl’s football team, Tom persuades his old friend Captain Andy Rigby to run an army day at the school, using team building techniques to whip the girls into shape. However,

  44. 44

    Series 4, Episode 12 Mar 25 2009 Kim’s day starts badly when the uncle of her baby, Grace, shows up at the school threatening to expose a secret about his niece. Kim struggles to keep her personal life from impacting on her job as

  45. 45

    Series 4, Episode 20 May 20 2009 Waterloo Road is in the final of North West Schools Choir of the Year competition, but things take a bad turn when it becomes apparent that Flick stole the lyrics for the song. Rachel decides to save

  46. 46

    Series 4, Episode 9 Mar 04 2009 Everyone at Waterloo Road is still reeling with grief over to shocking death of Maxine Barlow, especially Rachel who feel's that it's her fault for allowing Earl to attend the school and feels that

  47. 47

    Series 4, Episode 18 May 06 2009 Bitter battle lines are drawn between Chlo and Donte as they wrangle over their baby’s future, but when Chlo goes into a complicated premature labour, Donte finds himself at risk of losing his baby

  48. 48

    Series 4, Episode 10 Mar 11 2009 It's the last day of term at Waterloo road and there's revelations all round, for students and teachers alike. After a string of bad luck and upset the Kelly's find themselves in further turmoil when

  49. 49

    Series 4, Episode 17 Apr 29 2009 Steph’s return to Waterloo Road starts badly when a pupil leads a class revolt and Rachel blames the problem on her poor teaching skills. The day takes a dramatic turn when Steph discovers the same

  50. 50

    Series 4, Episode 13 Apr 01 2009 With Rachel on a course, Eddie's at the helm but soon finds out it's not going to be an easy ride - a community of travellers have pitched up next to the school and the kids are to be enrolled at

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