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Full List of Whistle! Episodes

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Below is a complete Whistle! episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Whistle! episodes are listed along with the Whistle! episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Whistle! episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features “Pursue The Palpitation,” “Aim For The World” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Whistle! episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    Break Through The Wall May 06 2002 Kazamatsuri Shou starts at Sakura Josui Junior High School after transferring from soccer powerhouse Musashi no Mori. At his prior school, he was relegated to the third string due to his height, and

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    Run With Teammates May 13 2002 The Sakura Josui soccer team captain, who believes there is little point in striving for victory when the school is in the same division as the famed Musashi no Mori, has set an uninspired pace for

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    Hit The Goal May 20 2002 After an intense week of practice on the part of Mizuno's challengers, it is time for the 5x5 match which will decide the future direction of the Sakara Josui soccer team. A victory will establish

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    Never Give Up On The Future May 27 2002 Not everyone in the club shares Mizuno and Kazamatsuri's desire to work to improve at soccer. With Mizuno becoming captain, regulars quit and pressure other members to resign. Kazamatsuri, who has

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    Gotta Be Forward Jun 03 2002 The starting matches for the district preliminaries are chosen and Sakura Josui's first opponent is... Musashi no Mori! Mizuno has two weeks to organize his fledgling team so it can face the premiere

  6. 6

    Venge Forward Jun 10 2002 As the time for the match against Musashi no Mori arrives, the team is surprised to see that Musashi no Mori coach Kirihara has abandoned the practice of fielding their second team for a match like

  7. 7

    VOR! Jun 17 2002 The first half of the match ends with Sakura Josui trailing 2 to 0. Even if the Sakura Josui team can get their feet under them again, what can they do to avoid a repetition in the second half? When

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    Jun 24 2002 Sakura Josui has scored, thanks to the demanding pace that the players have set for themselves. As they strive to score again, however, this strategy threatens to leave them at the mercy of their

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    Leap Over The Wall Jul 01 2002 With the final minutes of the game ticking away, the Sakura Josui players dig deep to summon the determination to keep moving forward.

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    Grab A Position On The Team Jul 08 2002 Kazamatsuri makes a remarkable new acquaintance in a remarkable way. But, to Fuwa Daichi, the biggest mystery is Kazamatsuri's enthusiasm for soccer, and Fuwa is not one to let a mystery remain

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    Back To The Field Jul 15 2002 In this episode, a number of people are forced to face the barriers that are keeping them from participating in soccer. The catalyst for these events is Katori-sensei spacing out and scheduling an

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    Make A Way Jul 22 2002 With a new coach, everything is up in the air. When Matsushita devotes six days to having all the players participate in matches so he can learn more about their abilities, it drives all the players

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    Find Your Own Path Jul 29 2002 It is back to Kokubu 2nd Middle School for another practice match. The last match, which was awkwardly-timed, ended in a draw, but this one finds both teams much better prepared. However, the

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    Run Over The Tears Aug 05 2002 As the Sakura Josui players realize the weaknesses that Tenjou Ryoichi has, and seal his style of soccer, how will he respond? In developing his powerful skill, he lost sight of why he started playing

  15. 15

    Go For The Ball Aug 12 2002 Sakura Josui gets a surprise visit from Musashi no Mori's ace forward, Fujishiro Seiji, who expressed his hopes that Kazamatsuri's team would win all the way through the Summer tournament, so the two

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    Let's Beat'em With Teamwork Aug 19 2002

  17. 17

    Aug 26 2002

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    Understanding One Another Sep 09 2002

  20. 20

    Feel My Friend's Pain Sep 16 2002

  21. 21

    Always Run Ahead Sep 23 2002

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    Fly With Your Friends Sep 30 2002

  23. 23

    Pursue The Palpitation Oct 07 2002

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    Break Through Their Flat 3 Oct 17 2002

  26. 26

    See The Father At The Shoot Oct 28 2002

  27. 27

    Take A Chance On The Unknown Nov 04 2002

  28. 28

    Beat Your Rival Nov 11 2002

  29. 29

    Never Regret Nov 18 2002

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    Control The Game(2) Dec 02 2002

  32. 32

    Find Your Way Out Dec 09 2002

  33. 33

    Back To Origin Dec 16 2002

  34. 34

    Be The Wind Dec 23 2002

  35. 35

    Brand New Tomorrow Jan 06 2003

  36. 36

    Look At This Uniform Jan 13 2003

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    Enjoy A Game Jan 20 2003

  38. 38

    Get A Chance Jan 27 2003

  39. 39

    Whistle For The Victory Feb 03 2003

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