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Full List of Young Dracula Episodes

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Below is a complete Young Dracula episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Young Dracula episodes are listed along with the Young Dracula episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Young Dracula episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. “The Blood Test” and “Toothache” are included on this poll, along with many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Young Dracula episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

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    Nov 14 2001 Vlad and the count are clashing. Ingrid is nearly better and stirring things up between Vlad and his dad. The count demands Vlad show him some respect by throwing a Carpathian feast, which involves a

  2. 2

    Nov 28 2011 Ingrid has hit rock bottom since her near-death experience, and decides to visit a therapist.

  3. 3

    Dec 06 2011 Erin goes to the Van Helsings to find out about the super weapon, but to prove herself she must kill a vampire - her brother, Ryan.

  4. 4

    Nov 21 2011 Vlad is on the rampage and causes destruction throughout the school on the day of an inspection.

  5. 5

    Nov 29 2011 Vlad returns to the school and is changed - he has matured and grown into a leader. The slayers Jonno and Mina Van Helsing arrive at the school, but it appears they are unaware of the existence of

  6. 6

    Dec 05 2011 Post-therapy, Ingrid is pretending she is sweetness and light when really she plans to take charge. She turns a visiting team of netball players into vampires and tells them their mission is to wipe

  7. 7

    Nov 08 2011 Vlad comforts an upset Erin who has been having nightmares about failing to save her brother Ryan, and they talk about his past and how he tried not to become a vampire. Vlad confides his plans for

  8. 8

    Nov 01 2011 Erin has her newly-bitten brother in the boot of her car and plans to slay the Draculas.

  9. 9

    Nov 21 2011 With Vlad trapped inside the blood mirror, Ramanga is insulted by his absence.

  10. 10

    Oct 12 2011 The family are reunited when Erin saves a sick Ingrid from the slayers and Vlad comes to their aid. Vlad invites Erin to stay with them, not realising that she is an imposter.

  11. 11

    Nov 07 2011 Magda returns, and plans to emotionally manipulate Vlad into giving her the Regency.

  12. 12

    Nov 15 2011 Vlad is distracted by thoughts of Erin when he should be training to open the book. The count is furious that the book is no nearer to being opened. He plots with Bertrand to get rid of Erin and they

  13. 13

    Dec 12 2011 Bertrand believes that if he reads the last words of the Praedictum Impaver, all the power within the book will go to him.

  14. 14

    Oct 28 2012 Vlad and his gang have 48 hours to ensure that all Vampires are off the street and will abide by peaceful co-existence.

  15. 15

    Dec 17 2012 Ingrid's bid for a position on the Vampire High Council fails due to an outsider, and she suspects fowl play.

  16. 16

    Nov 05 2012 SCRAP school offers to help the ferals wean off biting and onto a breather friendly alternative - soya blood.

  17. 17

    Nov 12 2012 Adze arrives at Garside and much to Erin's chagrin, she is beautiful. Vlad doesn't appear to notice however.

  18. 18

    Nov 19 2012 Malik is secretly meeting with a mystery being and his loyalty to the Draculas is not so clear cut. Ingrid strikes a deal with Ramanga.

  19. 19

    Nov 26 2012 Bertrand is put in charge of finding Ryan's murderer, but the problem is everyone has a motive.

  20. 20

    Dec 03 2012 The Count and Malik seek revenge on Ramanga for threatening Vlad and trying to overturn the House of Dracula.

  21. 21

    Dec 04 2012 The Count decides to challenge his sons to fight for their position as his rightful heir. Reluctantly Vlad agrees.

  22. 22

    Dec 10 2012 Bertrand is convinced the Shapeshifter is linked to Malik. In retaliation the Shapeshifter creates chaos by manipulating the Dracula clan.

  23. 23

    Dec 11 2012 The Slayers Guild are planning to attack and the only way they will deviate from their plan is if Vlad sacrifices Erin.

  24. 24

    Dec 18 2012 Vlad decides that he must make amends for the bad decisions he has recently made.

  25. 25

    Dec 18 2012 Vlad and Ingrid capture and torture Malik as bait to lure Elizabeta into the open.

  26. 26

    Nov 27 2012 The day of the bloodbinding arrives. A reluctant and nervous Vlad prepares to stand by his word and marry Adze.

  27. 27

    Oct 12 2006 The Count becomes addicted to daytime TV, and decides that making a movie would be easy. Meanwhile, vampire-wannabe Robin convinces Dracula that he and Vlad must have been switched at birth.

  28. 28

    Nov 30 2006 Vlad and Robin take their dads camping for Father's Day, but the men have an argument that looks like its going to end in a duel. Meanwhile, Mr. Van Helsing acquires a girlfriend.

  29. 29

    Oct 26 2006 A toothache makes Vlad think that his fangs are starting to grow out. Meanwhile, Robin's prayers are seemingly answered when Ingrid asks him to become her boyfriend.

  30. 30

    Nov 09 2006 Vlad's plans to have a "normal" 13th birthday party are ruined when his grandparents arrive for a visit.

  31. 31

    Dec 14 2006 It's time for Vlad to undergo a test that all vampires must take - the blood test.

  32. 32

    Sep 28 2006 As Vlad and Ingrid attend their first day of school, they must make an extra effort to conceal their vampire heritage. But the woodworking teacher, a Mr. Van Helsing, seems unusually interested in

  33. 33

    Oct 12 2006 The Count becomes addicted to daytime TV, and decides that making a movie would be easy. Meanwhile, vampire-wannabe Robin convinces Dracula that he and Vlad must have been switched at birth.

  34. 34

    Oct 19 2006 When his kids are suspended from school, the Count tries to take on their education at home, but a hypnosis lesson goes awry.

  35. 35

    Nov 16 2006 The Count is delighted when a cockroach epidemic forces a new food source - the Branaugh family - to temporarily move into the castle with him.

  36. 36

    Sep 21 2006 Count Dracula, having been forced to move from Transylvania to a castle in England, is disappointed that his son Vlad doesn't want to follow in his (bloody) footsteps. Meanwhile, the family of their

  37. 37

    Dec 21 2006 To find a new wife, the Count decides to host a Hunt Ball. Vlad is afraid for the lives of the Branaughs, but has an unfortunate run-in with Van Helsing.

  38. 38

    Nov 02 2006 A mummy with a vendetta escapes from Dracula's castle and heads for town, looking for the children. Meanwhile, at a school function, Vlad must introduce his parents.

  39. 39

    Oct 05 2006 When Vlad and Ingrid's mother Magda shows up, apparently having had a falling out with her current boyfriend, Vlad warns his dad not to take her back. Meanwhile, the kids wonder why Van Helsing has

  40. 40

    Nov 23 2006 In his continuing efforts to be normal, Vlad wants to try out for the school rugby team, but his father won't have it. Meanwhile, Ingrid interviews men as potential husbands, and Van Helsing finds an

  41. 41

    Dec 07 2006 On Halloween, the main activities of the Dracula and Van Helsing children turn out to be restraining their fathers.

  42. 42

    Dec 21 2007 On Valentine's Day, a new girl named Delila distracts Vlad's attention from stopping his father's quest for a new victim.

  43. 43

    Feb 08 2008 A new war against vampires begins, and a slayer named Kurt threatens Vlad's entire family.

  44. 44

    Jan 11 2008 When the Stokely Museum acquires a relic called the Staff of Carpathia, Vlad thinks that he can use it to escape his vampiric destiny, but instead an accident causes an identity problem for the Count

  45. 45

    Nov 23 2007 It's time for Vlad's cousin Boris to make the transformation to adulthood, but he doesn't want to become a fully-functional vampire any more than Vlad does. Can anything be done to stop it?

  46. 46

    Jan 25 2008 Suspecting that his father is responsible for a recent disappearance in Stokely, Vlad tries to remove all the telltale signs of a vampire from the castle when the police come looking, but is foiled by

  47. 47

    Dec 07 2007 Vlad's mother Magda returns to the castle with a shocking announcement, and Van Helsing is talking about giving up vampire-slaying.

  48. 48

    Dec 14 2007 Falling asleep in the daytime causes young Vlad to enter the vampire dream world, where he must defeat the dream slayers or he will never wake up.

  49. 49

    Feb 01 2008 The Grand High Vampire shows up unexpectedly in Stokely and condemns the Count to death, then just as unexpectedly is killed. Is the Count responsible?

  50. 50

    Nov 30 2007 When experiments with alchemy by Vlad and Robin accidentally lead to the resurrection of Renfield's father, will the elder Renfield be a help to Vlad's quest for a cure to vampirism, or does he have a

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