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Funniest First World Problems

Everyday first world residents around the world deal with horrific and appalling problems. Forget problems like lack of clean drinking water, famine and disease, these problems are the real deal, like not getting enough barbecue sauce with chicken nuggets or having to stress over whether to open the windows or crank up the air conditioner in a brand new sports car. These horrifying tales are true, but the names and places of these funniest first world problems have been changed to protect the victims.

These first world problems can ruin a day, week or even month for even the wealthiest and most fortunate people around the world. However can someone deal with an Internet block at work and spend an entire eight hours without cute cat videos? How dare the neighbors password protect their high-speed WiFi? However can Facebook make minor changes to their free service?

Ah, the tough life of first world residents.
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    First World Smartphone Problems

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