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The 30 Greatest Seinfeldisms

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List Criteria: Best words, phrases, and concepts coined on Seinfeld

List of funny words, phrases, expressions and concepts invented for the '90s sitcom Seinfeld. Though perhaps best remembered for its memorable cast of characters and star Jerry Seinfeld's trademark observational comedy, the TV series Seinfeld introduced a vast amount of slang and funny sayings into the English language, many of which are still commonly used long after new episodes stopped airing.

Many of these sayings are still commonly referenced as they relate to the world of Seinfeld (references to the character the Soup Nazi, for example). Plenty of Seinfeld references have genuinely entered the language as all-purpose sayings without necessarily being tied to a specific use in the show. One such famous Seinfeld saying is the use of "shrinkage" to describe the effect a cold pool has on a man's nude appearance.

This list collects funny, outrageous, or memorable original phrases, words, and ideas attributable to the show Seinfeld. Vote up your favorites, and if you notice any missing Seinfeld phrases, feel free to add them at the bottom of the page. Good luck with alllllll that.

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    A dismissive name for the owner of a local soup establishment with a lot of elaborate rules for ordering his food. The restaurant in the show is based on a real location and its owner, Soup Kitchen International's Al Yeganeh. The term "The ____ Nazi" has come to refer to anyone with needlessly elaborate rules and regulations for everyday, mundane activities. The Soup Nazi himself was played by Larry Thomas, who was nominated for an Emmy for the role. His catchphrase, "No soup for you!," has remained an enduring and oft-repeated "Seinfeld" quotation. From "The Soup Nazi"
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    A secular holiday created by Frank Costanza, held annually in December and intended as an antidote to pervasive holiday commercialism. Traditions include the erection of an aluminum "Festivus Pole" in the house and an "Airing of Grievances" in which the head of the household tells off his or her relatives. The celebration only ends when someone wrestles the head of the household and successfully pins them. From "The Strike"
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    Master of My Domain

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    A slang term for a man's use of willpower to refrain from masturbating. When the Seinfeld gang is holding a contest to determine who can hold out from self-pleasure the longest, saying that you are "master of my domain" means you have not yet succumbed. (The female version is "Queen of the Castle.") From "The Contest"
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    George and Jerry's description of what happens to a man's genitals when they have gone for a swim in a cold pool. When George is seen by Jerry's girlfriend Rachel in the nude, he attempts to explain his condition by yelling "I was in the pool!" From "The Hamptons"
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    A person who, when eating chips and dip from a communal bowl at a party, re-dips the same chip multiple times. This is compared to "putting your whole mouth into the dip." George is accused of double dipping while attending a funeral.From "The Implant"
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    A person who accepts presents from one friend, and then turns around and "re-gifts" them to another friend, typically implying that the gift was undesirable to begin with. Jerry and Elaine suspect dentist Tim Whatley (played by future "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston) of 're-gifting' a label maker that Elaine initially gave him for Christmas. From "The Label Maker"
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    Yada Yada Yada

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    A play on the traditional use of "Yada Yada Yada" to mean "and so on" or "etcetera." In "Seinfeld," George has a girlfriend who uses the phrase to gloss over the most significant or important details of an anecdote (specifically, the fact that she was shoplifting.) To "yada yada yada" then comes to mean skipping over salient facts in a story. From "The Yada Yada"
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    Serenity Now!

    A mantra used by Frank Costanza to calm down when he gets upset or stressed. Lloyd Braun suggests that this same technique led to his being committed, explaining: "Serenity now, insanity later." From "The Serenity Now"
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    Close Talker

    A person who stands too close, and invades your personal space, during a conversation. In this case, Elaine's boyfriend Aaron (played by Judge Reinhold) is observed uncomfortably pushing into people's faces when speaking to them. From "The Raincoats"
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    A slang term used by Elaine to indicate a man who she particularly desires sexually. The word refers to Elaine's preferred choice of contraception, the Today Sponge, which is in limited supply after being pulled from the market. Therefore, she must conserve them for exclusive use among "spongeworthy" partners. From "The Sponge"
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    Man Hands

    A condition wherein a woman's hands are rough and thick, and resemble those of a man. Jerry dates a woman with man hands, Gillian (played by Kristin Bauer van Straten), and it proves too much for him to handle. From "The Bizarro Jerry"
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    Worlds Are Colliding

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    George prefers to keep different portions of his life compartmentalized, so that "Independent George" and "Relationship George" can remain separate entities. When his friends and his fiancee begin to get close to one another, he complains that his worlds are colliding and that "a George divided against itself cannot stand." From "The Pool Guy"
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    A support garment for men who have developed bosoms, similar to a brassiere or bra for women. Kramer develops a prototype, initially called "The Bro." From "The Doorman"
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    Jerry can't remember his girlfriend's name, but knows it rhymes with a portion of the female anatomy. He guesses "Mulva," and then moments later realizes it was in fact "Dolores." From "The Junior Mint"
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    The Jerk Store

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    A phrase from an insult originally derived by George Constanza. When George is stuffing his face with shrimp during a meeting, a co-worker tells him "The ocean called; they're running out of shrimp." George thinks of what he deems an appropriate response, "The jerk store called; they're running out of you," too late to use it in context. The term "Jerk Store" has now become a slang term for the fictional source of worldwide jerks. From "The Comeback"
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    Low Talker

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    A person who speaks very softly, making it hard to hear them, particularly in loud environments. Jerry's technique for dealing with low talkers - to nod and smile and pretend to have heard them - backfires when he accidentally agrees to wear a silly-looking shirt on "The Today Show." From "The Puffy Shirt"
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    Kramer's description of someone with an irrational dislike of dentists. He accuses Jerry specifically of being "a rabid anti-dentite." From "The Yada Yada"
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    Stop Short

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    A sleazy technique for feeling a woman's breasts while she's in the passenger seat of a car, by slamming on the brakes and extending one's arm across her chest. Frank Costanza feels that he has proprietary ownership of this "move," and is upset when he thinks Kramer has "stopped short" with Elaine. From "The Fusilli Jerry"
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    In the Vault

    Figurative description of where Jerry and Elaine keep secrets that must not be revealed. As in, "I'm putting it in the vault!" (Jerry sarcastically responds to Elaine that "too many people know the combination" to her vault, implying that all anyone need do is get Elaine drunk in order to access secrets she has put "in the vault.") From "The Parking Space" and "The Betrayal"
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