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The Funniest Survivor Castaways

The funniest "Survivor" castaways are those favorite contestants on the popular CBS reality show "Survivor" who made us laugh, or in some cases, laugh at them. All of these "Survivor" contestants had a lasting impression on fans during their time on the competition reality series.

For many of these "Survivor" contestants, being funny was due to their often brutally honest personalities. Players like Courtney Yates, Rob Cesternino and Rob Cesternino told things how they were and in doing so had no problem making fun of other fellow contestants at the same time. Contestants like Tyson Apostol, Fabio Birza, and John Cochran all enjoyed entertaining their tribemates, which in turn also entertained those watching at home.

In other cases, these best "Survivor" contestants were memorable as funny for their crazy theories, strange behavior and seemingly love of causing trouble. Few can forget the wacky things that came out of the mouths of Rudy Boesch, Shane Powers, Coach Benjamin Wade or Phillip Sheppard, or the absolutely nuts ploys set into action by Jon Dalton, AKA Johnny Fairplay. It's also hard not to laugh at the fierce negativity spewed by Randy Bailey or the often incoherent Southern accented speech from Big Tom Buchanan.

All on all, these funniest "Survivor" contestants might not have all made us laugh in the traditional sense, but they certainly made their respective seasons quite interesting and very memorable. Along with physical challenges, a social game like no other and no shortage of surprises along the way, it's easy to say that "Survivor" is clearly among the most watchable reality shows of all time.
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    Rob Cesternino

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    Big Tom Buchanan

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    most listed 1974

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    Fabio Birza

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    new! James Clement

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    Rob Mariano

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    often listed & ranked high on reranks John Cochran

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    ranked low on reranks Sandra Diaz-Twine

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    often listed Phillip Sheppard

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    Cirie Fields

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    often listed & ranked high on reranks 1972

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    Kat Edorsson

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