Funniest Twitter Accounts To Follow Anything
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Funniest Twitter Accounts To Follow

List Criteria: Funny accounts on Twitter. Must be a parody, brand, or fictitious person. No actual people.

A list of the best people to follow on Twitter. Funny Twitter accounts are all over the place. But how do you find the best of the best? There are a lot of people to follow. It can be painstakingly difficult to sort through the rubbish. Some athletes have the occasional funny tweet, but are not someone to follow strictly for laughs. There are some great comedians with Twitter accounts, but some spend more time plugging gigs than telling jokes. 

These Twitter handles are all about laughs. They are either poking fun at current events, saying what some of us are thinking, or rattling off every insane thought that they have. None of the Twitter accounts below represent any one "real" person. These are the ones that are a parody of a real person, a team of funny people, or a hilarious fictitious persona. 
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    Professor Snape

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    Drunk Hulk

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    Modern Seinfeld

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    new! @bobfinstock

    added by: nachshon_roth
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    Tom Brady's Ego

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    Not Will Ferrell

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    Pimp Bill Clinton

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    Guy Endore-Kaiser

    added by: carlybobarly
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    Paranoid Jimmy

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