Total Nerd The Funniest Moments in the Borderlands Games  

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The Borderlands games have a lot of shoot 'em up action, but more than anything, they have humor. It's one of the funniest game franchises out there, so we had to take a look at all the hilarious sequences and moments in the game series, putting them in a handy list so you can vote and settle just which Borderlands bit is the funniest in all of Pandora.

Whether you enjoy Claptrap's antics or the aggressive insanity of Torgue, there are a lot of funny Borderlands moments here to choose from. We've listed moments from all the games: if you grok to Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Tales From the Borderland, or the original, there's something funny here for you.

So give our list a gander. Vote up the funniest beats from the Borderlands games and downvote any moments that just don't capture the anarchic, demented spirit of these video games.
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Mr. Torgue Is Too Busy Suplexing a Shark

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In the Torgue DLC, Mr. Torgue is apparently too busy, so busy, in fact, that he can't get you the sponsor that you need for "legal reasons" to become Number One BadA** in Pandora. 
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Tiny Tina's Tea Party Insanity

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She really wants a tea party, and her guest of honor is named "Flesh-Stick." Well, okay, Tina, whatever you want. Just watch out for Mr. Sparks. 
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Claptrap's Birthday Party

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Claptrap isn't exactly the most likable character, but his birthday party is an especially funny moment, partially because of how ridiculously low-rent and sad it is. The little assassin bot has no idea how few people like him. 
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Face McShooty Really Needs Your Help

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In what is probably the quickest quest ever completed, Face McShooty really, really wants you to do something. And you may be thinking, "Is it really that easy?" It really, really is.