The 27 Funniest Internet Explorer Jokes on the Internet Anything
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The 27 Funniest Internet Explorer Jokes on the Internet

Internet Explorer, the worst browser that you can possibly use, is also the most popular. Used by people who don't know much about tech, like your parents, schools, governments and any other places where nobody in charge knows anything about quality browsers -- IE terrorizes people with its slow loading times, its abundance of toolbars and its general inability to do its basic functions. Needless to say, it's great fodder for jokes, memes and funny comics about how Internet Explorer is the dumbest, slowest and most unreliable browser that we've all been forced to deal with at some point.

We've all been screwed over by Internet Explorer somehow, and a lot of developers have come to see it as the worst, most fussy browser to code for, so here's a votable slideshow of the best, funniest and most clever internet explorer meme image-macros, rage comics, and generally funny points made about the most popular, most hated browser on the web. 

Internet Explorer has shown us all that it's the worst browser ever made. So it's time to make fun of it relentlessly. 

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