A Collection of 7 Unbelievable Soccer Videos

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Amazing soccer goals don't happen every match, but neither do tornadoes in the middle of the game. A truly great soccer fail can be both viral and hilarious, and this list of 10 unbelievable soccer videos has soccer fails, crazy soccer goals, and everything in between. If you're looking for bicycle kick goals, goalies who aren't paying close enough attention to the goal posts, shirtless soccer players, crazy soccer hooligans, or a combination of all of the above, you have found you soccer video spot.

Nothing is left out of this soccer viral video compilation. If you enjoy soccer, and seeing people fail at soccer, you're going to love these clips. There are soccer stars from around the world, dads playing with their kids, amputee soccer players, and star soccer players who find themselves playing like amateurs. And if you feel like watching a crazy, Matt Foley type motivational speaker get the US Mens Soccer Team pumped by rolling up frying pans like pancakes, that's here too.

These are some of the best viral videos of insane soccer goals, psycho fans, bizarre weather, and funny soccer playing kids in one list. All the best soccer videos from youtube channels around the world in one place. If you're looking for viral video of a bunch of soccer fails, this is your list.

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