Key Events That Happened Before Game of Thrones Even Started

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List Criteria: Vote up the events that you think will be most important later in the story.

SPOILERS! As we explore the past and as the seasons progress, more will be revealed. 

Unless you've read A Song of Ice and Fire, you probably aren't totally sure what's going on all the time on Game of Thrones, or what in the Seven hells some of the characters are talking about when they discuss historical events. Even if you read the books very carefully, you can still find yourself reeling - Game of Thrones history is just that dense.

For example, did you know that Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark grew up together as wards of Jon Arryn? Do you know why Daenerys named one of her dragons Rhaegal? Do you know who broke up Tyrion's first marriage? And why does Littlefinger seem to hate everybody? All of these tidbits come from events that occurred before the show even starts!

Fear not! This list is here to quickly fill you in on the most important backstories that inform the events of Game of Thrones. Some are very recent, while others go back 8,000 years. Since we all know that history repeats itself, cast your votes for which events will be the most pertinent and influential moving forward in the new seasons.

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