The Best Couples On Game Of Thrones

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 SPOILER ALERT: Seasons 1-5 discussed within. 

Game of Thrones
has a lot of sex and hook-ups, but not many actual couples. The best couples in Game of Thrones are the legit couplings (sex, emotion, marriage, etc.) that have taken place on GoT. Think Ned & Cat, Jon & Ygritte, Tyrion & Shae... ok, maybe not Tyrion & Shae (she's probably gone back to her home on Whore Island in the under world by now).

Some of the best couples on GoT have survived wars, uprisings, affairs, and even each other. From arranged marriages, to battlefield romances, to well, "other," there are many adorable GoT pairs running around and making babies that may or may not grow up to make babies with each other.

Who are the best GoT couples? What married couples on Game of Thrones actually like each other? Peruse the list of Game of Thrones couples and make sure to vote for your favorite GoT pair.
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