How Game of Thrones Characters Look in the Books

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What do Game of Thrones characters look like in the books? This list scratches that itchy question with photos showing what some of your favorite Game of Thrones characters would look like if they were more accurate to George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novels. Some of the differences are relatively small, like Tormund's beard being a different color in the books. Others are pretty major, like Tyrion losing most of his nose on the page but just getting a cool scar on TV.

But who wants to see Peter Dinklage's handsome mug all banged up every Sunday night? Similarly, who wants to see all the show's younger characters as preteens? Pedophiles, probably, but Game of Thrones isn't for them. It's for the fans, even the fans of Martin's novels who wish everyone in Westeros were at least a little uglier, since Martin's descriptions of virtually every character paint far, far less attractive pictures.

Comparing Game of Thrones to A Song of Ice and Fire is more even fun than gossiping with Varys, braiding Cersei's hair, or hangin' with the High Sparrow. And thanks to these nifty images, you don't even have to use your imagination!
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