The Best Game of Thrones Odd Couples

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List Criteria: This is a list of the oddest couples that Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire has to offer. Vote up the pair you find most odd.

SPOILER ALERT: Seasons 1-6 discussed within.

Whether it be unexpected deaths, hidden romances, or odd parentage, HBO's Game of Thrones never ceases to shock and amaze its fans. The readers of the book know and those who watch the television show are learning that Game of Thrones is the gift that keeps on giving. Every character is complex and, as such, this leads us to some pretty freakin weird friendships.

With so many characters from all sorts of backgrounds, GoT features numerous odd couples, good rivalries, unexpected friendships, and even unusual marriages. Featuring fan favorite pairs like Brienne and Jaime, Arya and the Hound, and Daenerys and Jorah, this list has the best Game of Thrones character pairings. 

Thanks George, for all of it.

Collection Photo:  HBO
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