Gas Guzzlers: Low Gas Mileage Cars Car Models
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Gas Guzzlers: Low Gas Mileage Cars

Worst gas guzzlers: A list of the worst fuel economy cars is seen below. As reported by Consumer Reports, these are the low gas mileage cars. These biggest gas guzzlers have high carbon emission and fuel consumption rates. List of gas guzzlers includes cars with low gas mileage and vehicles with low mpg count. This list includes the low gas mileage vehicles in various categories- subcompact cars, small cars, roadsters/sporty cars, sedans, small suvs, midsized suvs, minivans and pickups.
The List
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    Suzuki SX4 Technology

  2. 2

    Chevrolet Aveo LT

  3. 3

    Chevorlet Aveo5 1LT

  4. 4

    Suzuki SX4 LE sedan

  5. 5

    Chevrolet Cobalt LT

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