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German Opera Houses

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A List of German Opera Houses, with photos. These are the best, and most beautiful opera houses in Germany. Operas have been popular for centuries, especially in Italy where the first opera house opened in the 1600's. While seen today as a medium of the upper-class, opera has historically been loved by all. Composers continue to compose operas even today, and the box seats are, as always, in demand. Since Operas are usually large productions, opera houses are in-turn also large. Opera houses must support multiple facilities, such as costumes, orchestra, and props. Today, some opera houses use electronic technology to enhance their acoustics, but there are still many purists who prefer to hear a performer's voice in as natural a state as possible, especially when they sing.
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    Aalto Theatre

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    Alte Oper

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    Chemnitz Opera

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    Cologne Opera

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    Deutsche Oper am Rhein

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    Deutsche Oper Berlin

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    Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar

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    Dortmund Opera

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    Halle Opera House

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    Hamburgische Staatsoper

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    Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden

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    Komische Oper Berlin

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    Kroll Opera House

  19. 19
    Margravial Opera House is listed (or ranked) 19 on the list German Opera Houses

    Margravial Opera House

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    Musiktheater im Revier

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    National Theatre Munich

  22. 22
    National Theatre Mannheim is listed (or ranked) 22 on the list German Opera Houses

    National Theatre Mannheim Mannheim, Germany

  23. 23
    Oldenburgisches Staatstheater is listed (or ranked) 23 on the list German Opera Houses

    Oldenburgisches Staatstheater Germany

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    Oper Frankfurt

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    Oper Leipzig

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    Opernhaus Düsseldorf

  27. 27

    Munich, Bavaria

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    Staatsoper Hannover is listed (or ranked) 29 on the list German Opera Houses

    Staatsoper Hannover Lower Saxony

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    Staatsoper Unter den Linden

  31. 31
    Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz is listed (or ranked) 31 on the list German Opera Houses

    Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz Munich

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    Staatstheater Braunschweig Germany

  33. 33
    Staatstheater Kassel is listed (or ranked) 33 on the list German Opera Houses

    Staatstheater Kassel

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    Staatstheater Nürnberg

  35. 35
    Staatstheater Stuttgart is listed (or ranked) 35 on the list German Opera Houses

    Staatstheater Stuttgart Stuttgart

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    Theater Bonn

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    Theater Bremen

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    Theater Dortmund

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    Theater Duisburg

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    Theater Lübeck Lübeck, Germany, Schleswig-Holstein

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