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Gian Lorenzo Bernini - Art /Work by this Artist Artwork

Gian Lorenzo Bernini - Art /Work by this Artist

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A list of Gian Lorenzo Bernini artwork, including all notable Gian Lorenzo Bernini paintings, sculptures and other works of art, with photos when available. These popular Gian Lorenzo Bernini pieces are sorted alphabetically by the title of the work of art. These are some of Gian Lorenzo Bernini's most famous art pieces, so if you're wondering what art was made by Gian Lorenzo Bernini and how many major pieces of art Gian Lorenzo Bernini made then this list is a great resource. If you want to know more about these pieces of renowned Gian Lorenzo Bernini artwork, then click on their names for additional information.

Ecstasy of Saint Teresa and The Rape of Proserpina are a great starting point for your to rank your favorites on this list

Gian Lorenzo Bernini is a renowned artist celebrated by people from all around the world, so skip a day at the museum and check out these historic works of art that were created by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. (25 items)
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    Sculpture More
  2. 2
    Sculpture More
  3. 3
    No image

    Bust of Camilla Barbadoni

  4. 4
    No image

    Bust of Cardinal Escoubleau de Sourdis

  5. 5
    No image

    Bust of Cardinal Richilieu

  6. 6
    No image

    Bust of Francesco Barberini

  7. 7
    No image

    Bust of Giovanni Battista Santoni

  8. 8
    No image

    Bust of Giovanni Vigevano

  9. 9

    Bust of Louis XIV

  10. 10
    No image

    Bust of Monsignor Pedro de Foix Montoya

  11. 11
    No image
    Sculpture More
  12. 12


    Sculpture More
  13. 13
    Sculpture More
  14. 14
    No image

    Elephant and Obelisk

  15. 15
    No image

    Bust of Francesco I d'Este

  16. 16
    No image

    Martyrdom of St. Lawrence

  17. 17
    No image


  18. 18
    No image

    Memorial to Maria Raggi

  19. 19
    Sculpture More
  20. 20
    No image

    Saint Longinus

  21. 21

    St. Peter's Baldachin

    Sculpture More
  22. 22

    The Goat Amalthea with the Infant Jupiter and a Faun

    Sculpture More
  23. 23
    Sculpture More
  24. 24
    No image

    Tomb of Pope Alexander VII

  25. 25
    No image

    Two Busts of Scipione Borghese

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