God Bless America Movie Quotes

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'God Bless America' movie quotes are the best lines from this dramedy, directed by Bobcat Goldthwait and starring Joel Murray (Bill Murray's brother) as Frank, a man who decides he's had just about all he can take of reality TV. Frank has a brain tumor, and his own future is uncertain (at best). While watching a reality TV show, he snaps. He decides to go on a killing spree, with the idea of targeting reality television stars. This list includes some of the funniest and most amusing quotes from 'God Bless America,' but it is definitely not complete. Know of a great God Bless America movie quote that's missing? Add it. And be sure to vote for the quotes you think are the best.

Frank's plan to do away with all the horrible reality TV stars takes an interesting turn when he meets Roxy (Tara Lynne Barr). Roxy decides she's totally on board with Frank's plans, and agrees to help him kill. Together, they target anyone and everyone who represent the worst in society (to them), including reality show stars, fringe religious groups, and people who act rudely in movie theaters. No one is safe!

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    Movies Cell Phone

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    Frank (to annoying moviegoer, after Roxy's just killed her three friends): "Thanks for not talking during the feature. And thanks for turning off your cell phone."
    Girl in Movies: "You're welcome."

    Among the people Frank and Roxy target to kill: People who are rude in movies. You know those people: They're the ones who leave cell phones on, talk through the whole film and/or throw popcorn just to be obnoxious tools. After Roxy takes aim and kills several of these people, they spare one person -- the girl who didn't talk and turned off her phone.

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    Roxy (to Frank, who runs by her): "Did you just kill Chloe?" (Frank keeps running) "Awesome."

    Roxy sees Frank kill Chloe, and is instantly intrigued. She's a 16-year-old girl who agrees with Frank that the world is completely screwed up, and the mean, stupid people must be eliminated by any means necessary.

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    No Longer Civilized

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    Frank: "Why have a civilization anymore if we no longer are interested in being civilized?"

    As Frank sees it, America has gone to hell in a hand basket. And really, if you think about it, he's got a point: People are just not nice anymore. Frank decides he's going to do something about it. He's going to kill those people that deserve it.

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    Take Requests

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    Roxy: "That was a fantastic start! Do you take requests?!"

    Among Roxy's many requests as targets: People who give high fives, the Kardashians, anyone who wears crystals, etc. In other words, a LOT of people.

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    Guys That Say Actually

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    Frank: "You know what I hate? I hate guys that say 'actually' all the time. Like, 'You've actually got a gun to your head..."
    Roxy: "You know what else I hate? People who misuse the term literally."
    Frank: "I hate guys that buy $100,000 cars and then drive around 10 miles slower than the speed limit."
    Roxy: "I hate guys that wear lady pants."

    Frank (Joel Murray) and Roxy (Tara Lynne Barr) form an unusual bond, as they travel the country ridding it of people they feel deserve to be eliminated -- particularly rude people and reality show stars.

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    The Chloe Tragedy

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    Frank: "Don't move and don't make a sound."
    Chloe: "If you want the car just take it. My parents got me the wrong one anyways."
    Frank: "Yeah, that's a f**kin tragedy."

    Frank decides his first victim will be reality TV show brat Chloe -- an ungrateful 16-year-old princess who throws a monster tantrum when her parents get her the wrong luxury car for her birthday.

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    Hate My Neighbors

    Frank: "I hate my neighbors. The constant cacophony of stupidity that pours from their apartment is absolutely soul crushing."

    Frank has some seriously rude, stupid neighbors, but that's just one of his many issues. Almost everyone has neighbors they hate -- but Frank is determined to do something about it. He's going to kill them.

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    Killing Those Who Deserve It

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    Frank: "I'm only gonna kill people who deserve to die."

    Frank's decision to murder people that he believes "deserve to die" comes when he just simply cannot take it anymore. Plus, he's got nothing to live for (he has a brain tumor), so why not do some good before he dies?

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