God Bless The U.S.A! People
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God Bless The U.S.A!

List Criteria: Vote up for the state that you think has produced the most beautiful celebrity women.

One of my friends just got finished traveling to all 50 states in America, he wanted to see all of the monumental landmarks, try the different types of food, experience the diversity of each state's culture. You know the first thing he told me when he got back he said and I quote, "Man, there's a lot of hot women in America." So that got me thinking I wonder which state is the most beautiful, which state has produced the most beauty. So that's what gave me the idea for this list, here are the top 15 states that have produced some of the most beautiful celebrity women. Vote up for the top state that has produced the most beauty, and if you think I forgot a state add them in. Once you see these pics of some of our hottest American women, I think you'll say God Bless The U.S.A, I know I did. Enjoy!
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    Top Beauty Born In Minnesota In My Opinion- Jessica Biel

    Other Notable Beauties Born In Minnisota: Winona Ryder, Kelly Carlson, Rachel Leigh-Cook, Samantha Harris, Shantel VanSanten, and Cheryl Tiegs (Former Beauty In Her Glory Days).
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    Top Beauty Born In Ohio In My Opinion- Brooklyn Decker

    Other Notable Beauties Born In Ohio: Brittany Binger, Maggie Grace, Katie Holmes, Halle Berry, and Carmen Electra (Former Beauty In Her Glory Days).
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    Top Beauty Born In Michigan In My Opinion- Kate Upton

    Other Notable Beauties Born In Michigan: Kristen Bell, Jana Kramer, Elizabeth Berkely, and Christie Brinkley (Former Beauty In Her Glory Days)
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    Top Beauty Born In Louisiana In My Opinion- Reese Witherspoon

    Other Notable Beauties Born In Louisiana: Danneel Ackles, Britney Spears, Cameron Richardson, Shelley Hennig, and Ali Landry (Former Beauty In Her Glory Days).
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    Top Beauty Born In Georgia In My Opinion- Dianna Agron

    Other Notable Beauties Born In Georgia: Julia Roberts (Former Beauty In Her Glory Days), Danielle Pannabaker, AnnaLynne, and KaDee Strickland.
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    Top Beauty Born In Illinois In My Opinion- Cindy Crawford

    I chose Cindy because back in the 90's there were very few people as hot as Cindy Crawford.
    Other Notable Beauties Born In Illinois: Denise Richards, Busy Phillips, Jennie Garth, Janina Gavankar, Jennifer Beals, Jenny McCarthy, Jennifer Morrison, and Raquel Welch (Former Beauty In Her Glory Days).
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