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America's sweetheart Goldie Hawn returned to acting in 2017 in the movie Snatched - her first film role in 15 years - and she’s been thoroughly missed. The beloved actress launched her fruitful career back in the ‘60s as part of Good Morning, World.  Shortly after, she appeared in sketch comedy show Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, in what turned out to be her breakout role. Known for her chipper attitude, infectious laugh, and impressive acting resume, Hawn has been in the public eye for decades. And yet, there are probably still some Goldie Hawn facts you didn't know.  

Not only is she one of the few long-term couples of Hollywood, she's a devoted mom who has won awards for her various acting roles. Goldie Hawn movies are timeless comedic classics - everything from her 1969 film Cactus Flower to the unforgettable Private Benjamin and Overboard

There are plenty of interesting facts about Goldie Hawn's life. Did you know she almost abandoned acting to become a country singer? Or that she supports child education through a foundation she runs herself? All these things prove that Goldie Hawn will forever be America's sweetheart.

Goldie Is Her Real Name


You might have thought Goldie is a stage name. It’s not. The actress revealed she was named after her mother’s aunt, so Goldie is a family name. Her full name is Goldie Jeanne Hawn. When she was just beginning her career in acting, she went by a stage name Goldie Jeanne, but eventually began using her full name. 

She Was One Of The First Women In Hollywood To Call Her Own Shots


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Hawn started her career when women in America were going through liberation renaissance - in Hollywood especially. Women weren't widely directing, writing, or producing films for the industry, but when Hawn came on the scene, she wasn't going to let her gender stop her from making her mark. She was known to ask for rewrites of scripts, getting involved in producing her films, and creating movies that pushed the boundaries of female-led comedies. 

Reese Witherspoon said Hawn was her inspiration for her character Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. She said she looked up to the actress and was thankful for all the boundaries she broke down during her career.  

She Almost Ditched Acting For A Career As A Country Singer

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Can you imagine a world where Hawn would be a country singer instead of an actress? It almost happened. In 1972, she recorded a country LP called Goldie with the help of Dolly Parton and Buck Owens. On the album, Hawn covered the liked of Parton, Joni Mitchell and Van Morrison. The LP got favorable reviews, but she eventually chose the Hollywood path. Her son, Oliver, is also a gifted musician. He played Jeff Fordham on drama Nashville.

She Was A Dance Prodigy


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Hawn got the performing bug at an early age. She started dancing when she was only 3 years old. The actress took tap and ballet lessons and was a quick study. Hawn told Oprah Winfrey:  

“Dancing was the most extraordinary experience of my life. I didn’t know it was going to be, I just knew that it was part of my life because I danced three times a week from the age of 3. It was just incorporated in my life."

Hawn And Russell Have Been Happily Unmarried For More Than 30 Years



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Despite being together since 1983, Hawn and Russell never got married. They first met when he was only 16 and she was 21, on the set The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band. However, they got together later, when they filmed Swing Shift. Russell apparently used a cheesy pick up line on Hawn after a few drinks, but it was enough to pique Hawn's interest. Their first date was at the Playboy Club - and they even had sex on the first date

How do they make it work? “Love, gratitude, compassion, because sometimes every man or every woman will drive their partner crazy. Family. Fun. Laughs. Sex,” she told People Magazine.

She Was In A Car Accident That Almost Killed Her In 1965


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In 1965, when Hawn was working in New York City, she was in a car crash on the West Side Highway. She told Rolling Stone she woke up in the hospital and the doctor said it was a miracle that she and the other people in the car even survived. The crash caused her to have severe anxiety about being in cars she wasn't driving. 

Her Grandkids Call Her GoGo


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How adorable is that? Hawn revealed in an interview that her grandkids call her GoGo, which was actually a nickname her aunt gave her growing up. Plus, she got her big break as a go-go dancer on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In. Hawn has five grandchildren between her daughter Kate and her son Oliver.

She Started A Foundation That Supports Childhood Education


The actress founded The Hawn Foundation to enrich children’s education. Part of that is the MindUP Program, which helps kids learn using neuroscience, positive psychology, and emotional learning. These lessons are catered to a child's development, and try to reduce the stress of learning by making it a positive and fun experience.

“I was moved by the statistics about the increases in school violence and bullying, youth depression and suicide, and I was concerned about the persistent failure of the education system to help children cope and flourish."