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Jacob Shelton
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Area 51, Watergate, MK Ultra – as different as these three topics may seem, they’re all part of a series of massive government cover-ups. In the world of government conspiracies, something doesn’t have to be completely outlandish to get covered up. It just has to be kind of illegal, or at least make someone in the government look bad. For every whisper of a downed UFO, there are hundreds of real secret government projects that we’ve never heard about, and that may never be declassified.

That's why it’s always interesting to read about the secrets of the government that have actually been revealed. This list of the most successful government cover-ups covers a wide range of government secrets ranging from assassination attempts to mind control. Put on your tinfoil hat, it’s time to get weird.

Whether or not you want to believe it, every President (whether Democrat or Republican) has knowledge of hidden government secrets. Some of them have to do with illegal military tactics, while others involve hidden railroads and alien conspiracies. It’s entirely possible that some of the government secrets on this list are fabrications, or extensions of the truth. But the scariest stories are the ones that are 100% verified and true.

Check your phone for wire taps and dig in to this list of the most successful U.S. government secrets leaked. Vote up the biggest government cover-ups, and leave us a comment full of your craziest super real conspiracy theories.
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CIA Mind Control

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When the Cold War was at its peak, the CIA began testing the possibility of using mind control to create sleeper agents that would infiltrate communist Russia. The project went by numerous names, but the most famous was Project MK-Ultra. It involved government scientists using methamphetamine, barbiturates, LSD, and hypnosis to break down a subject and then rebuild them with very specific qualities. Needless to say, it didn't work how they wanted it to. The the project was scrapped, but not before CIA Director Richard Helms ordered all documents from Project MK-ULTRA to be destroyed
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The JFK Assassination

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It probably goes without saying that the JFK assassination is one of the biggest suspected government cover-ups ever. Whether or not you believe the numerous conspiracy theories, you probably don't think that the government was completely transparent with the American people. With theories ranging from the presence of multiple gunmen to a rogue secret service agent who accidentally shot the President, it's safe to say that we'll never know the full story of President Kennedy's death. 
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The CIA Tries to Kill Castro

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In the '60s, America tried to assassinate Castro SO MANY TIMES that things kind of got out of hand. So much so that when the information on our many assassination attempts (which included everything from exploding cigars to mafia hits) was declassified almost 40 years after later, it made our government look like writers for Get Smart. 
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Area 51

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Area 51 has long been considered a Mecca for conspiracy theorists, and while there have been a few actually legit cover-ups at Area 51 (spy plane tests, the SR-71 Blackbird, etc.), the Nevada-based government site is still a hotbed of secret activity. It probably goes without saying that we'll never know exactly what's going on out there in the desert, but that won't stop people from speculating