The Greatest One-Hit Wonders of the 2000s Bands/Musicians

The Greatest One-Hit Wonders of the 2000s

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List Criteria: Artists that have only had one credible hit in the 2000s. Subsequent singles have flopped or they didn't even try.

The last decade in music featured music shifting away from the unpredictability of the 1990s. Instead, trends and novelty acts broke through easily. Almost EVERYBODY went platinum in the years between 2000 and 2005. Afterward, certain artists continued to be perfectly content by calling it a day with only one platinum single. And this list salutes those kind of artists. Stoner anthems, songs about MILFs, bad days, bad girls, and songs that make you wanna yell "FUCK YOU"!--it's all here. Along with wikipedia facts about what these one-hit wonders are up to. You might not remember the artists that sing these songs. And these days you might tell people you never liked most of these songs. They are the guilty pleasures and defining hits of the decade. Music fans that care about the 2000s are more than welcome to vote on which artist and single remains the most memorable of the decade. Ah, the new millenium!!
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    "Stacy's Mom"
    The group has been together since 1996, but it wasn't until seven years later that they scored their first and only major hit. Teenage boys could relate to the theme of the song: having a crush on a girl, but being more in love with her hot mom. And the success of the Grammy-nominated tune was all the group ever needed.
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    "Because I Got High"
     This 'shoulda, coulda, woulda" tune may have seemed comical for many (particularly stoners), but the song also has quite a moral. Afroman explains that weed kept him from going to college and getting laid, in catchy hip-hop sing-along fashion. The rapper resurfaced a couple years later with "Wack rappers", an ill-fated diss record directed towards just about any rapper more successful than him (so pretty much everyone).
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    "You're Beautiful"
     As if coming across as the Verve of the 2000s, Blunt's teary-eyed, super sappy love ballad is considered a classic, and shot the singer to a multitude of critical and commercial promise, scoring a Record of the Year nod for the 2007 Grammy awards. While he is still wishing and hoping and trying to match (or even top) the success in that song, he can take solace in knowing that wrote and recorded a staple for soft rock radio for decades to come.
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    "All the Things She Said"
    From the pedophilia porn image to the terrible moniker, to the hammering "Running through my head" chorus, this was calculated hit-making at its most obvious. And what better marketing technique than fake Russian lesbians? After a 2003 MTV Movie Wards performance, the group can probably be found now on the side of a milk carton.
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    "Bad Day"
     The depressing ode to bad times was heard on TV shows like Grey's Anatomy and became the official swan song for American Idol. While this may be the only single to Powter's credit, the song has earned it's place for being one of the greatest singles of the decade. Powter on the other hand? Probably playing outside of a grocery store near you.
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    "My Neck, My Back"
     This song was often revered as one of the hottest rap records of 2002. And it was a raunchy one, too; enough to make Lil' Kim blush (sample lyrics: "beat it right, lick it good; suck that pussy just like you should"). While the song led Khia's album, Thug Misses to gold status, and scored her a Janet Jackson collaboration, the rest of her career seemed laughable. She appeared on VH1's Miss Rap Supreme and lost, tried to wage war with Trina and Jacki-O and lost, and now posts video-blogs slamming everyone from the former to Kanye West to even Beyonce.
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    "The Ketchup Song"
     J. Lo! Shakira! Paulina Rubio!...Las Ketchup?! The non English speaking babes may not have reached those heights, but they still carved a special place into the heart of the slowly dying Latin explosion in 2002. Nobody new what the hell these ladies were saying, but everybody new how to do that stupid dance (think: a weaker version of "The Macarena"). In typical one-hit wonder fashion, the song, the dance, and the group vanished as the buzz died down.
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    "Move Your Feet"
    This classic dance record by a Danish duo (one straight, and one gay) was heard everywhere from malls to Queer Eye for the Straight Guy to being background music for practically every show MTV aired in 2003. It's hard to say what has happened to the duo since, but the song itself has held up nicely, as it was featured on the first installment of the Just Dance video game franchise.
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