The Greatest Songs by '60s One-Hit Wonders Songs
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The Greatest Songs by '60s One-Hit Wonders

List Criteria: Songs from the 60s by one-hit artists only.

A list of the greatest Songs by 60s One-Hit Wonders. Are you looking for that special song to play for a special occasion? Browse through this list of the greatest songs by one-hit 60s wonders, and you may just find that one special nostalgic song that you haven’t heard in a long time. Ranked in order of the most popular one-hit song wonders to the least popular, you can see which 60s songs are favorites by viewers just like you. Feel free to place your votes for your favorite one-hit 60s songs as well, and see them get raised to a higher position on the list. You can also copy and paste from the list to make your own list of favorite songs.

Do you not see your favorite one-hit 60s song on the list? Go ahead and add it to the list so that others can listen to it as well. Music truly does soothe the soul and is the perfect way to turn a stressful day into a great one. There are many different types of music in the world, and some song artists have fared better than others. Although the artists with one-hit wonders may not have been able to repeat their performance with other songs, many of these great one-hit song artists have made a lasting impact on their fans.

Who hasn’t heard the popular hits from the 60s like “On Top of Spaghetti” by Tom Glazer and the Do-Re-Mi Children’s Chorus, and “Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport” by Rolf Harris? Although these artists theoretically only had one big hit in their singing career, they brought special songs to life that bring back memories of familiar shows and innocent times. Remembered throughout the ages, these artists made a lasting impression with their well-treasured 60s hits.
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  1. 1
    Up 131
    Down 46
    The McCoys More
    The McCoys
  2. 2
    Up 119
    Down 50
    Mark Dinning More
    Mark Dinning
  3. 3
    Up 102
    Down 48
    We Five More
    We Five
  4. 4
    Up 99
    Down 50
    Merrilee Rush and the Turnabouts, Merrilee Rush More
    Merrilee Rush & The Turnabouts
  5. 5
    Up 96
    Down 55
    Stan Getz & Astrud Gilberto More
    Stan Getz & Astrud Gilberto
  6. 6
    Up 79
    Down 42

    Gimmie Gimmie Good Lovin'

    Crazy Elephant More
    Crazy Elephant
  7. 7
    Up 77
    Down 45
    The Casinos More
    The Casinos
  8. 8
    Up 82
    Down 53

    Everlasting Love

    Robert Knight More
    Robert Knight
  9. 9
    Up 74
    Down 50
    The Soul Survivors More
    Soul Survivors
  10. 10
    Up 71
    Down 48
    Jimmy Soul More
    Jimmy Soul
  11. 11
    Up 72
    Down 49
    The Rooftop Singers More
    The Rooftop Singers
  12. 12
    Up 67
    Down 47
    Barry and the Tamerlanes More
    Berry & The Tamerlanes
  13. 13
    Up 67
    Down 47

    Last Kiss

    J. Frank Wilson & The Cavaliers More
    Frank Wilson & The Cavaliers
  14. 14
    Up 75
    Down 57

    Alley Oop

    The Hollywood Argyles More
    The Hollywood Argyles
  15. 15
    Up 47
    Down 31
    No image

    Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)

    Swingin' Medallions More
    added by: Harjan 2
    Song by the Swingin' Medallions 1960's
  16. 16
    Up 68
    Down 54

    Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead

    The Fifth Estate More
    The Fifth Estate
  17. 17
    Up 58
    Down 44

    Let the Little Girl Dance

    Billy Bland More
    Billy Bland
  18. 18
    Up 56
    Down 45
    Harold Dorman More
    Harold Dorman
  19. 19
    Up 58
    Down 48
    Sounds Orchestral More
    Sounds Orchestral
  20. 20
    Up 56
    Down 46

    The Stripper

    David Rose More
    David Rose
  21. 21
    Up 53
    Down 46

    The Cheater

    Bob Kuban and the In-Men More
    Bob Kuban & The In-Men
  22. 22
    Up 52
    Down 48
    Mercy More
  23. 23
    Up 56
    Down 53


    Kyu Sakamoto More
    added by: hcorkmeyer
  24. 24
    Up 49
    Down 47


    Larry Hall More
    Larry Hall
  25. 25
    Up 45
    Down 51


    Derek, Johnny Cymbal More
  26. 26
    Up 9
    Down 8
    No image
    Otis Redding More
    added by: LindaGMitchell
  27. 27
    Up 34
    Down 46

    Ooh Poo Pah Doo-Part II

    Jessie Hill More
    Jessie Hill
  28. 28
    Up 32
    Down 45

    Image of a Girl

    The Safaris More
    The Safaris
  29. 29
    Up 31
    Down 46
    The Neon Philharmonic More
    The Neon Philharmonic
  30. 30
    Up 31
    Down 46

    Do It Again a Little Bit Slower

    Jon & Robin & The In Crowd More
    Jon & Robin & The In Crowd
  31. 31
    Up 36
    Down 54
    The Hombres More
    The Hombres
  32. 32
    Up 31
    Down 47


    Kai Winding More
    Kai Winding
  33. 33
    Up 36
    Down 55


    The Little Dippers More
    The Little Dippers
  34. 34
    Up 34
    Down 54

    (There Was a) Tall Oak Tree

    Dorsey Burnette More
    Dorsey Burnette
  35. 35
    Up 29
    Down 47

    Midnight Mary

    Joey Powers More
    Joey Powers
  36. 36
    Up 27
    Down 45

    There's Something On Your Mind

    Bobby Marchan More
    Bobby Marchan
  37. 37
    Up 28
    Down 51

    Rockin' Little Angel

    Ray Smith More
    Ray Smith
  38. 38
    Up 28
    Down 53

    Fannie Mae

    Buster Brown More
    Buster Brown
  39. 39
    Up 22
    Down 46

    Tracy's Theme

    Spencer Ross More
    Spencer Ross
  40. 40
    Up 23
    Down 48

    Summer Set

    Monty Kelly More
    Monty Kelly
  41. 41
    Up 23
    Down 48

    If I Had a Girl

    Rod Lauren More
    Rod Lauren
  42. 42
    Up 19
    Down 48

    Love You So

    Ron Holden More
    Ron Holden
  43. 43
    Up 18
    Down 52

    The Madison Time, Part 1

    The Ray Bryant Combo More
    Ray Bryant Combo
  44. 44
    Up 17
    Down 51

    Angela Jones

    Johnny Ferguson More
    Johnny Ferguson
  45. 45
    Up 15
    Down 51

    He'll Have to Stay

    Jeanne Black More
    Jeanne Black
  46. 46
    Up 15
    Down 52

    The Madison

    The Tunetoppers More
    The Tunetoppers
  47. 47
    Up 13
    Down 48

    No Good to Cry

    The Wildweeds More
    The Wildweeds
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