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Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Ever

List Criteria: These are the tough ones. Amateur sleuths please weigh in.

These are some head scratchers that get me thinkin'.
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    Thought this one was solved, but since numerous people have come to different conclusions I'll consider it unsolved.

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    In Search of D.B. Cooper I find this case fascinating.

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    Check the movie out too, but this is one great mystery

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    Wow, perhaps the granddaddy of em' all. Websites, movies, books, crazy people ranting in the street. Everyone has a theory what is yours?

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    I am aware the military said it was a 'weather ballon'. C'mon.

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    Georgia Guidestones Any idea who built this, and what their purpose was?

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    new! This story broke my heart when I heard it. Honestly, it still does.

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