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Greenest Large Cars

A list of the Greenest Large Cars ranked by the ACEEE, with photos! With fuel prices on the rise, and the environment in need of our help, going green is as popular as ever. This list takes into account all aspects of whether or not a vehicle is truly "green", including manufacturing, materials used, and how much pollution the auto creates when on the road. If you're shopping for this class of car, then these are the vehicles you want. Driving autos like these will allow you to reduce your gas budget, and drive with a guilt-free state of mind. Who thought there would come a time when it was trendy to drive an environmentally friendly car? So let's all reduce our carbon footprint!


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    2011 Hyundai Sonata

    2.4L, Manual Transmission - Green Score: 44
    2.4L, Automatic Transmission - Green Score: 43
    2.0L, Automatic Transmission - Green Score: 42
  2. 2

    2011 Chevrolet Impala

    Automatic Transmission - Green Score: 38
  3. 3

    2011 Toyota Avalon

    Automatic Transmission - Green Score: 38
  4. 4

    2011 BMW 535I Gran Turismo

    Automatic Transmission - Green Score: 38

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