GT3 Cars of 2011 Car Models
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GT3 Cars of 2011

A list of the cars currently allowed in the FIA GT3 Championship. Unlike other racing series, GT3 cars come straight from the factory, ready to race. The Porsche GT3 is arguably the most famous, although most do not realize it was built for a specific racing series. Approved cars are equalized by the FIA to ensure that no particular car has an overwhelming advantage. Drivers must be amateurs and races are organized by the SRO. All of this combines to make GT3 one of the most accessible FIA sports available. And the equalized cars means one can go with their favorite marque.
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  1. 1

    Aston Martin DBRS9

  2. 2

    Audi R8 LMS

  3. 3

    BMW Z4 GT3

  4. 4

    Ferrari 458 GT3

  5. 5

    Ford GT GT3

  6. 6

    Lamborghini Gallardo LP600 GT3

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