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Is finding a good halloween costume for girls an important part of your October? Halloween costume ideas for girls can be tricky if you're looking for something classy and smart. Only the best Halloween costumes found here - fairies and delicate princesses no more! This list showcases some of the coolest new Halloween costumes for little ladies. Cute, creative - consider them the "thinking girls'" answer to the pink streak of pixies we'll be seeing Halloween night. Want more Halloween costume ideas? Check out the Halloween costume ideas for babies list or the sexy Halloween costumes for women list.

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    Southern Belle

    Maybe a little old-fashioned, but the hoop skirt and hat will be a ton of fun for the little ladies that like to play dress up!

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    Sock Hop Girl

    Like the Southern Belle costume, this is a great answer to the sea of movie character costumes we'll be seeing Halloween night. Girls wearing a poodle skirt/sock hop costume get to dress up while still maintaining their awesome individuality.

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    Queen of Hearts

    What more could a girl ask for in a costume? Fancy dress, tiara AND a powerful literary character to embody for an evening. Why be a princess when you can rule all of Wonderland?

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    This one is an adorable adaptation of another classic literary character. Whether you go trick-or-treating with a lot of girls - all in a line - or whether you go with your family, everyone will recognize your costume and love it as much as they've loved the delightful Madeline stories.

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    Ketchup Bottle

    This is just hilarious. Ketchup!

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    Gauze Reaper

    Not all little women wanna be pretty. This costume is extra creepy for the girls who are looking to be ghoulish Halloween night.

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    Thatta girl! Going to a Halloween party with eyeball punch and "finger" sandwiches? Wear a doctor costume to show everybody your brains.

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    Flying Monkey

    Can't decide between heavenly angel or something kind of creepy? This costume lets you be both! Well...sort of. It's wicked original - and you get to wear wings! The flying monkeys are so iconic, everyone will be raving about this one for years.

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    Girl Riding Unicorn

    Cute and clever. This would've been a dream come true for me at eight. And does the little girl in your life still want to be a fairy princess for Halloween? Add extra cool points by allowing her to be a fairy princess RIDING A UNICORN. 10 out of 10 for style, my friends - 10 out of 10 for style.

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    Elizabethan Queen

    Make this a Halloween renaissance by wearing this gorgeous getup.

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    She was one of history's most powerful women. She ruled countries across continents. And she also rocked some amazing eye makeup. This Halloween, why not walk like an Egyptian?

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    OK, I know that Star Wars is everywhere. It is not unique. It is not original. But isn't this a kick-a costume? And Ashoka's a Jedi. Talk about Girl Power!

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    Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas


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    Flamenco dancer

    Explore your imagination to create an aura of hot Spanish nights, the tapping of castanets and high heels, gorgeous costumes and remarkable talent. This is a creative - and comfortable - costume to dance (or at least trick-or-treat) the night away!

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    Queen Amidala

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    Want to wear something pretty and princess-like, but looking to stand out from the crowds? Why not go as a geisha? This is an unusual costume, but it's so pretty and you'll still get to wear fancy hair and make-up.

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    Little Red Riding Hood

    I love this dark take on the classic (and even darker) fairy tale. This is a good one for the ladies with a more morose side, perhaps...

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