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Is finding a good halloween costume for girls an important part of your October? Halloween costume ideas for girls can be tricky if you're looking for something classy and smart. Only the best Halloween costumes found here - fairies and delicate princesses no more! This list showcases some of the coolest new Halloween costumes for little ladies. Cute, creative - consider them the "thinking girls'" answer to the pink streak of pixies we'll be seeing Halloween night. Want more Halloween costume ideas? Check out the Halloween costume ideas for babies list or the sexy Halloween costumes for women list.

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    Evil Queen from Snow White

    Why be Snow White when you can be one of childhood's most recognizable witches? This queen set the bar for bad. And everybody knows that sometimes it feels good to be a little bit wicked.

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    Statue of Liberty


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    CanCan Dancer

    Great dress. Original. Fun. AND you get to wear a FABULOUS feathered head thing. Love the colors, too.

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    A cool classic. Also an opportunity to have a little fun with feathers and sequins - without dressing up like a Disney Princess (yawn)!

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    The fact that Juliet killed herself over a boy is just a minor detail...right? Well anyway, it's a really cool costume. It also shows that this girl paid attention in 8th grade English class. Kudos!

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