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Harlem Shake - The Best of the Best Harlem Shake Videos

List Criteria: Please vote & jic some1 uploads a fantastic 1 that wasn't around when I created this list plz ADD!!

The Harlem Shake is taking the internet by storm!! It may even start rivaling the amazing success of Gangnam Style in the next few weeks. But with over 40,000 videos on YouTube based on title alone as of 2/15, no one really has time to watch all of the videos to weed out the best ones for themselves, so I've done it for you. Here are the best of the best Harlem Shake videos found on the web!!

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    Harlem Shake VFinal (NODE Edition)

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    Harlem Shake V3 (office Edition)

    According to YouTube, one of the unique directions the trend took rather early was spawned by the staff of Maker Studios, who created what's currently the currently most-viewed version from their office. While it could have just remained a college-kid fad, Maker's version helped signal that the trend was something any organization or office could be a part of, with other companies joining them like...
    Just Messing about with my Maker Studios colleagues!

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    The Harlem Shake V1 (TSCS Original)

    These are the guys who turned Filthy Frank's silly version into the established form-
    Though it was another user named SunnyCoastSkate who then established the form we've become familiar with: the jump cut, the helmet, etc.
    Thanks YouTube for acknowledging TSCS's meme of the Harlem Shake kickstarted an internet explosion http://youtube-trends.blogspot.com.au... Update: as of 15 February 2013, over 40,000 spinoffs of the TSCS meme have been uploaded to YouTube, generating a staggering 175 million views !

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    The Harlem Shake v2

    what we do on Saturday nights

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    Harlem Shake (Peanuts Edition)

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    These are the guys who put the Harlem Shake on the map-
    The meme first started gaining traction last week and is attributed to a silly video from a vlogger named "Filthy Frank."
    People were asking for the full version so here it is. Plus, it deserves it's own video.

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