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Have You Seen Me? (Unforgettable Nude Celebrity Women)

I've got to admit something to the people of ranker. I kind of have a problem/addiction that I'm not looking to get rid of... I LOVE WOMEN!!! I love a lot of women, but I especially love them naked. Yes, I am one of those guys that as soon as I hear about a celebrity doing a nude scene or getting their phone "hacked" with a nude picture, I'm all over it with the help of Google. So considering all of that I made a list of the most unforgettable nude celebrity women to me. I suggest that you have Google open in another tab, because even if you have seen these women before, you are going to want to see them again. Vote on the most unforgettable to you, and if you think I forgot someone, add them in. Enjoy!!!

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    Kelly Brook

    2004, Kelly Brook in Survival Island. To me Kelly Brook has the perfect body, I'll take that one step more, to me she is the perfect woman.

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    1998, Denise Richards in Wild Things. The title of the movie is perfect because Denise was an absolute wild thing in this movie, but she was a gorgeous and naked wild thing, so that makes it all okay. The scene in the pool with Neve Campbell is freakin' hot, Denise is definitely unforgettable in this movie.

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    Phoebe Cates

    1982, Phoebe Cates in Fast Times At Ridgemont High. I was 1 when this movie came out, but I saw it later when I was 10 (Thanks Dad). Phoebe Cates is the first woman I loved and wanted, and yes I wanted her at 10. This is the most memorable woman in the history of movies. Phoebe Cates is the reason I am who I am today, Phoebe Cates is the reason that I have and will always love women, especially naked women. Thanks Phoebe!

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    Jessica Biel

    2009, Jessica Biel in Powder Blue. I couldn't believe what I was seeing from the former 7th Heaven star, Pastor Camden would not be proud, but God be my witness I was smiling the whole time.

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    1995, Alyssa Milano in Embrace Of The Vampire. It only took Alyssa 3 years to lose that good girl image from Who's The Boss. Alyssa looks absolutely phenomenal in this movie. Beautiful girl, beautiful body

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    2005, Anne Hathaway In Havoc. To see the girl that played the nice princess in Princess Diaries, play with herself and then take her top off and go topless is a memorable moment in itself.

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