Healthy Halloween Candy Candy Varieties

Healthy Halloween Candy

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Halloween healthy ideas for a healthy Halloween. Ghosts, goblins, poorly written, directed and acted movies, witches, all terrifying. But nothing is more horrifying than the start of holiday weight gain season...okay maybe that's only if you are a recovering bulimic. There's really no avoiding candy at Halloween unless you have something called "will power", so here's a list of some of the healthier candy options. "Healthier" being loosely defined in this context.

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  1. Anything "Fun Size"

    Anything "Fun Size" is sure to be fine as long as you can handle a little portion control.
  2. Dark Chocolate

    Anything with Dark Chocolate is a lot healthier than other types of chocolate because with dark chocolate you are getting added nutrients and antioxidants. Almost every candy maker has a dark chocolate alternative on shelves so switching to dark chocolate on Halloween is a simple and cost effective way to be healthier.
  3. Sugarless Gum

    Gum can always be found in your Halloween candy bags after a night of trick-or-treating so why not opt to give out sugarless gum? All the taste and none of the sugar.
  4. Lollipops

    Lollipops are great healthy alternatives because they take so long to eat it keeps you from stuffing mounds of other candies in your mouth. They also have many varieties of healthy lollipops with real fruit additives.
  5. 100 Calorie Packs

    Everybody loves Twinkies. How do you make Twinkies not so bad? Put them in 100 Calorie Packs.
  6. 100% Fruit Chews

    Real fruit? Check. Sweet? Check. Healthy? DOUBLE CHECK.
  7. Chewy Bar

    A Chewy Bar might as well be considered as a candy bar because although it has healthy oats, it also has chocolate.
  8. 100 Grand Bar
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    First produced in 1966 and named the $100,000 bar after the popularity of game shows such as The $64,000 Question, this bar packs a lot of flavor, but not a lot of calories. It's name was changed to 100 Grand in 1985, because people who make the candy wrappers got tired of writing all those zeros.

    A fun Halloween prank, tell your friend you'll give them a 100 grand if they complete a dare. Then laugh, cause that burns about 2 calories a minute. Then get scared when they punch you in the face for trying such a lame joke.
  9. Nestlé Chunky
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    Don't let the name fool you, this bar is not just for chunkies. It's 190 calories, no trans fat, with 11 grams of saturated fat. So not great, but still manageable.
  10. Heath bar
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    With only 210 calories, and 13 total grams of fat, a Heath Bar is a great option if you've been wanting to eat something that can in one bite cause you to lose a tooth. Then, there you go, you have your Halloween costume.

    Interesting fact: The Heath bar has an incredibly good shelf life and was included in soldiers rations during World War II, along with cigarettes. We're so good to our troops.
  11. PayDay
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    Okay this bar isn't really that healthy, but it's under 250 calories, which was my cut off point. But with 120 of the total 240 calories coming from fat, MY GOD (Charleton Heston voice). It does have no trans fat though, so you know, it's got that going for it...

  12. Mounds
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    Again, not a great great choice for a healthy halloween option, but really none of these are. Mounds are 230 calories, and no trans fat, so not awful. Unless you hate coconut. Also had to include Mounds and Almond Joy, since now all of you will have the jingle stuck in your head.
  13. Almond Joy
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    Sometimes almonds mean healthier choice, sometimes they don't. This candy bar, unfortunately has trans fat in it.

    Interesting fact you can spout at parties to impress and/or annoy friends: One of the early band names for the Allman Brothers was the Allman Joys. Kinda shows, doesn't it?
  14. Kit Kat
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    Originally developed based on a worker's suggestion for "a snack a man could have in his lunchbox for work" (i'm wondering what snacks people were eating at that time that they wouldn't fit into a lunchbox) , the Kit Kat was launched in September of 1935 in the Untied Kingdom. (I wonder if candy companies have launch parties, or if they "drop" new candy varieties. NEW CANDY BAR. DROPPIN' THIS SUMMER.) Anyways, Kit Kats have 210 calories total and no trans fat, so break off a piece of that kit kat bar, foo and give half to a friend, and you're down to 105.
  15. Krackel
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    210 calories, no trans fat. Crispy rice covered in milk chocolate. Original formula had almonds and peanuts. Krackel, I'm glad you got your act together, because there's too much going on in that candy bar, and that rice/almond/peanut combo would have gotten in the way of the chocolate.
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