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Hilary Duff Tattoos

Hilary Duff tattoos, ranked by fans of the sexy star and of body art. Hilary Duff is an actress, singer, and best-selling author. Duff began her career on television with a starring role on the hit Disney series "Lizzie McGuire." The show made Hilary a teen star and helped launch her film career, which includes parts in Agent Cody Banks, Cheaper By the Dozen, and A Cinderella Story. Aside from acting, Hil also released the hit pop singles "So Yesterday, "Come Clean," and "Wake Up." She was also an accomplished entrepreneur and author, writing the New York Times bestseller "Elixir" in 2010.

Hilary Duff's tats honor the people in her life that are most important to her and remind her of how far she's come in the entertainment industry. Duff has at least 11 tattoos, each with a special meaning or memory. Hilary Duff body art includes the famous expressions "Thick as Thieves," "Stand By Me," and "Let It Be." Hil also has has a French phrase inked on her right torso, as well as tattoo images of a bird, a heart, a wishbone, and an anchor.

Similar to other stars that have tattoos, such as Miley Cyrus Tattoos or Lindsay Lohan Tattoos, Hilary Duff has made headlines several times as she has added a new tattoo to her collection. She is one of the hottest tattooed celebrities and famous people with tattoos.

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    There is an anchor tat on her left ankle.

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    Hilary posted a photo of her heart tat on Twitter with the caption "All is full of love..."

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    She has a bird tat on her right arm above the "Stand By Me" tattoo.

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    Ma Petite Amie

    The French phrase "Ma Petite Amie" tattooed on Hilary's right rib cage refers to a close female pal and translates to "my little friend" or "my girl friend."

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    Hil has the word "Shine" inked on her right hand.

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    Let It Be

    She explained about her foot tattoo, "I have a hectic, crazy life. Things are crazy all around me and I get stressed out. It's like, I'm just one little person so, let it be."

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