Creepy Urban Legends About Hitchhikers

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Hitchhiking seems sort of fun. Pack a bag, stick out your thumb, and see where the open road takes you. But when it comes to local lore, it seems like every town has its share of hitchhiking urban legends. There's either a certain road where folks say you're apt to encounter scary hitchhikers or a certain car that you should never, ever get into, no matter the weather.

Some are, of course, rooted in the supernatural, starring mysterious apparitions or bizarre creatures that lurk in woodsy areas or on desolate stretches of road that easily lend themselves to nightmares and tall tales. Other stories, however, are absolutely true and often feature some of America's most notorious highway killers. Still others are unsolved, with lurking predators never caught or dozens of unexplained similar sightings. After reading these creepy hitchhiking stories, we'd like to suggest you be careful of whom you offer a lift, and if you're traveling alone, maybe go ahead and splurge on a cab. 
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